t h r i l l e r

generative spektral synthesizer

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1.2 (Updated 14 years ago)
March 24, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower



big bottom
satin trebles
dramatic freq shifting

all a movie needs

updated version with visual and technical improvements.

added pan mod intensity slider

added some presets

this one is worth your checkout

your old pal
p r o g r a m c h i l d


Ward Johnson
2 weeks ago
The interface is simple, but take a look under the hood: the innards are quite a bit more complex. No wonder this ensemble produces such a variety of evolving sounds. Congratulations to "hello programchild" - you've got a monster here.
bojan lukic
2 weeks ago
jecin george
10 years ago
power books sucks
david brymer
14 years ago
This is a really rad upload, albiet a CPU hog on my powerbook
steffen goerke
14 years ago
wo nimmt der mann bloss so ideee her .....
Dirk Radtke
15 years ago
cool thing! thanx
Vernon Reid
15 years ago
cpu beast@44k...a mere horror@22...sounds nice though
Cliff Douse
15 years ago
Intriguing synth! Scary, even... ;-)
Roland Kessler
15 years ago
my first impression after 20 minutes of testing: thriller soundwise utterly boring--->garbage bin deliter: very usable incarnation of spectral filter/delay. 9.5 points
Roland Kessler
15 years ago
hello programchild
15 years ago
yeah spectral synthesis is expensive in Reaktor.
tim lorenz
15 years ago
its nice, but eats up nearly 70% of cpu power on my 2Ghz double processor G5 :/
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
i love the synth with this....really nasty, wonderful for live gigs
Tetsuaki Sato
16 years ago
matt cawte
16 years ago
Yeah I had problem downloading stuff too, try this: right click on the link, save target as - even though its a html file download it anyway. Then rename the downloaded html file to a zip file, and it seems to be fine.
Gert Wynens
16 years ago
Jonathan Mosley
16 years ago
I cannot download this, wheneva I click dowload the next page that shows up is a whole page of what looks like computer code instead of the option to choose to save the file