MS-20 facelift for reaktor 4

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3.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
May 15, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


same old phat bass sound, just the way you like it =)

new face for the old ms-20 model...

ps: ensemble included this time


Lars Bo Hermansen
8 years ago
This is very very good. Maybe a little retrigger issue when playing lower keys than the one playing. But just herd the original on, and this one is really close. Also it has some of it's own very useful and playable sounds. Give it a try. Thanks a lot.
CC lines of the acid
10 years ago
Sam hotel sdelat' ,a tut uge gotovoe!NIshtyak!
Lutz Demmler
13 years ago
Hi there, thanks a lot, sounds cool!
marc billon
13 years ago
bravo! très bon ensemble
Christopher Soulos
14 years ago
Beautiful sounds, but the keyboard seems a little too slow, can't play a banjo rolling pattern.
shawn gilbert
14 years ago
i Concur!
michael huckaby
15 years ago
im diggin it..
Gianluca Peruzzi
15 years ago
Ashley Marians
15 years ago
all the quirks of the original, thanks.
Larry Martin
17 years ago
sold my hardware version and this is the replacement on steroids.thanks
mike hodges
17 years ago
AWESOME ensemble. Easily my favorite Reaktor synth. Nothing else comes close.
Doss Shropshire
17 years ago
Sounds GREAT!
Roman Belavkin
17 years ago
reaktor 4.1.3
Ade Scholefield
17 years ago
Looking forward to this... my download file is empty??! win XP pro, pentium M... any suggestions?
Andrew Swihart
17 years ago
please upload an ensemble roman, the instrument file is especially bothersome for Reaktor Session users, we can't create new ensembles.
Yuri Krilov
18 years ago
Roma - molodec
Cliff Douse
18 years ago
David, create a new ensemble, import the .ism file and connect it up to the output. That worked for me. BTW - sounds great. CPU friendly too! :-)
David Vincent
18 years ago
Every ISM file can't be viewed properly by Reaktor. Is there another program I need to run these?
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
fantastic...for me it now is much easier to understand than the old version (i mean the modulation routings). this always was brilliant (i sold my ms-20 because of this) it is now even better.
David Stowell
18 years ago
Having owned an MS-10 for 20 years (mainly for bass lines, but also one-note pads, Geddy Lee Style), this model is darned close to the real thing. Nicely done.
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
the filters, self oscillate like no other filters in reaktor. a very flexible synth with great modulation possibilities.