programchild d e l i t e r deluxe

programchild deliter deluxe spektral filter / delay

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0.5 (Updated 15 years ago)
September 04, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


a further sound design tool in polyphonic fashion

32 band filter / delay / diffuser

with lfo or envelope controlled modulations

really nice really programchild

expect it to eat your cpu

true passion


Jonas Broberg
11 years ago
Very nice indeed! Grm tools reson fans have to check this one out! Thanks!
shawn gilbert
13 years ago has not afforded me much time to work on my music lately...but let me say, your works are truely an inspiration to see,use,and enjoy.Thank you for your time and effort...a much deeper response to your work comming soon as life/God permits.Keep on "doin' it!" smgplus3
michael huckaby
14 years ago
nice, nice, nice !
tobi weber
15 years ago
i use it every day!!!! thanks a lot
Evan Schiller
16 years ago
Dan Pasare
16 years ago
Cool sounding.
健司 川元
16 years ago
great work! Thanks!
Thom McIntosh
17 years ago
hello programchild
17 years ago
Hi Shane, it takes between 50% and 80% on my 2ghz machine. Maybe there´s the problem?
hello programchild
17 years ago
17 years ago
Wow, great work!
Mark Psilos
17 years ago
won't work on my G4, PC only?
Al Watson
17 years ago
k, no worries - just being picky! great instrument. thanx.
hello programchild
17 years ago
Hi Paul, I think there´s no chance for a stereo version since a second (32voice-)graindelay module would blast everyone´s cpu. This one is a mono to stereo version, since the spektrum generator also modulates the pan of each band.
Artur Nowak
17 years ago
fantastic effect, able to produce nice sounds and more experimental effects. Thanks!
Al Watson
17 years ago
nice! any chance of a stereo version.......? :-)