polyparametric randomizable sequencer

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Rick Scott
2.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
June 19, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


seQuenza is a sampler driven by four independent sequencers (pitch, volume, position, and pan), all highly randomizable. use it to seQuenzify your samples/maps in unpredictable ways.

new in v2:

- added faSt bPm switch for wider expressiveness of tempo.

- added deLay/diFFuser to expand rhythmic/reflective capabilities.

- added deCay and wiDth controls for more precise dynamic/rhythmic contouring of events and less potential for clicks.

- added sKip controls for all sequencers for polytempo playback.

enjoy! :-)


Kimmo Koli
14 years ago
Very useful ensemble, indeed! Wish there were a way to assign diffent samples to different patches, though.
Philip Blumberg
14 years ago
already one of my favorite software instruments for new ideas - thanks!
Alexander Schwab
14 years ago
great tool , gave me new ideas thanx
Robert Croft
15 years ago
Thanks Rick! Very fun indeed!
Cliff Douse
15 years ago
Great fun! :-)
Justin Mokomo
15 years ago
inspiring, great for finding new ideas in a controllably random manner (!) thanks
Rolf Hughes
15 years ago
more jitter than a red admiral on a rollercoaster - thanks!
John Nowak
15 years ago
Looks very similar to the current Abomination... hmm. :-)
Elio Bidinost
15 years ago
hey Ned - I heard your trck on disContact 2 - cec, great piece ;)
Kevin Hopper
15 years ago
Delightful shuffling of predictables into inponderables
ned Bouhalassa
15 years ago
Thanks for _another_ great ensemble. One request, however, is for some way of increasing or decreasing the window/grain size...