mad pad is a morphabledelay,filter,ringmodulator, etc, -effect.

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1.2 (Updated 15 years ago)
May 15, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


the pad and an additional lfo morphs
between 4 scenes of effect
parameters, and the parameters of
an additional delay and filter.

snapshots by jam el mar


Artem Moroz
10 months ago
Thank You very much!!!
jean marc henry
3 years ago
je n arrive pas à entendre de sons ? comment faire ? merci pour vos conseils..
Thomas Zahel
12 years ago
michael huckaby
14 years ago
nice, very dubby !
Jamie Maloney
14 years ago
Really useful, it'll be a mainstay!
John Kammeyer-Mueller
15 years ago
a little tricky to use at first, but worth the effort to learn. like nothing else.
David Vincent
15 years ago
Robert Valentine
15 years ago
Martin, thank you for this wonderful ensemble and for everything else that you have done for Reaktor users everwhere. Very generous giving up your time and work so that we can enjoy our sonic dreams. Thanks again.
jim jacobsen
15 years ago
I like this a lot.
umit kuzer
15 years ago
I love it,thanks¡
Mark Holroyd
16 years ago
Wow! Excellent!
raymond sassu
16 years ago
can only vote once I have tried it out
Carl Taylor
16 years ago
good stuff, Martin
devin fleenor
16 years ago
very, very sweet sounding effects ensemble - one of my favorites.
Rory Dow
16 years ago
Love it. Pairs up very nicely with my Korg Kaoss Pad :) - Wish each scene could have its own snapshots.
cornelius wildner
16 years ago
guy papius
17 years ago
Chantmé ;-)
David Giacche
17 years ago
Bodo Kuznik
17 years ago
I like it !
Peter Ehrlich
17 years ago
genius...very playable.
Peter Ehrlich
17 years ago
Jo Oheim
17 years ago
Starts a nice preset & syncs to Logic straight out of the box. Loads of good presets, adresses Ambient/Dub & sounddesign, but not necessarily limited to that. Uses about 75% cpu on a G4/500MP. Excellent module! Thanx, Martin!
Mike Woloszyn
17 years ago
very good!!!!!
Markus Brandt
17 years ago
lots of fun