Pad Synth with Harmonies

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Gary Hess
0.2 (Updated 17 years ago)
August 26, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


Synth to generate four part harmony with the ability to have each harmony using a different synthesis type.

Harmonies are fully programmable and remembered within the snapshot

Synthesis types are Analog, FM (Using True Phase Modulation like the DX series!!) and simple organ simulator. Even when voices use same type of synthesis there exists programmability within the voice such as the Organ Tabs selected, Synth Waveform and detuning and FM Ratio tuning.

Graphical display shows actual notes being played including note names (A, Bb, F# etc) as well as midi note numbers.

Multiple snapshots in the instruments panel were used to show different types of programs available. In general, these were set up to allow one to have “fun with the white keys” in a monophonic fashion. This was done to allow for maximum ease of use to try out the snapshots. Even with this the black keys do generate harmonies that were designed to compliment those on the white keys. Where the patches are more key specific key information was provided.


cool breeze
10 years ago
Still rocks...
Event Iter
12 years ago
Great , Thanks !
Georg Fries
14 years ago
I still love this ensemble as one of my best 5 in Reaktor, (including the great NI-ensembles sold with Reaktor). Just wonderful.
James Guymon
16 years ago
very nice synth.
16 years ago
Great ORGANic textures.
Michael Rapkin
17 years ago
Thank you for this wonderful synth! It opens up many new compositional possibilities for me. Priceless.
Nicholas Horn
17 years ago
i am stunned. after playing with this for five minutes, i was inspired to write a song around this instrument. keep up the good work!.
Stefan Netschio
17 years ago
I love it!
Richard Odlin
17 years ago
18 years ago
The more I use this one the more I like it, Gary. Very good use of Reaktor and an exquisitely musical concept. Of course, it wasn't long (30 seconds) before I began to tweak it, and I have to say it is one of the more inspirational creations in our User Library. I haven't tried Nowak's idea yet (see #3) above, but I bet its great fun. My daughter (14 as of this writing) loves it too, and has asked me to write a song for her using this ensemble as the primary "instrument." Its almost done, and I'll send you a copy if you like. Keep up the great work.
Rudi Sebastian
18 years ago
It sounds and works very well. Great! Thank you very much!
Jens Focke
19 years ago
one of the best.10x !!!!
Lorin Roser
19 years ago
Fantastic idea
David Miller
19 years ago
Incredibly rich sounding - beautiful!
Stefan Chowdhury
19 years ago
no comment. just listen and feel impressed
Jo Oheim
19 years ago
A ten: brilliant approach, cool presets - must try!
Cliff Douse
19 years ago
Very nice indeed!
Artur Nowak
19 years ago
great idea with the harmonies. I'll probably take this module out and use via midi with other Reaktor synths, I'm to lazy to bother about playing with the good keys ;-)
Al Watson
19 years ago
nice vibes gary. you don't fancy trying your hand at an audio version do you?!!!! ;-)
john mcCaig
19 years ago
wow. nice FM. i got some vangilistic pads outta this one thanks!