Bucket Boy - Interactive Delay

A Delay to play with

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2.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
July 12, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


A big update with lots of new features, there are a few snapshots to try out - some work best with percussive loops, others with melody or pads etc. ...
One of the best new features is the memory/recall for the XY pane - you can set up some nice positions and warp smoothly between them. have fun!

There are still some small bugs with snapshot recall.




John Stephenson
7 years ago
Or I could set the pitch of the feedback by a keyboard. Love IT!
John Stephenson
7 years ago
PS I'm gonna mod this bad boy an add a couple more knobs to fine tune the delay time at faster speeds.
John Stephenson
7 years ago
Wholey S**t this is incredably good! I recon by listing it as delay based effects your under selling it. Delay based maybe, but I aint used many like this. This has the feedback sound I have been looking for! I recomend anyone stick the mix at 50% feedback at 75% and then mess about with short delay times. F***ING ACE! If I wire to a decent filter/distortion unit I will have saved a couple of hundred £ in the equivalent VST! Very Very Impressed! 10/10
Delmas Yann
12 years ago
Thank you ! THis efdx is excellent !
Roy Gonzalez
14 years ago
Hell yea, I havnt checked this thing out yet, but it sounds like its right up my alley. I love delays with no glitches... and did you say XY? bad ass. I just ordered a novation x station! YAY, now im happy i chose that over the ion
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
thanks for sharing this, i really like it. this is great for delay time settings without glitches in the sound. i also like the way you have integrated the XY.