randomized resynth abusement

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0.2 (Updated 12 years ago)
August 14, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


from the Beselbiger series


Mark Gilbert
10 years ago
Has anyone got automation to work in this? Live lists the knobs, and it even records knob tweaking. But playing back has no effect.
michael huckaby
11 years ago
on point, as always.
Heath Rezabek
12 years ago
i too truly adore Dieter Z; in this case, i wanted to comment & applaud the sounds produced; for a graoin-glitcher, it yields extremely crisp sound in most cases [ie, it is not a grain-blurrer, of which there are several]. rnd-surfing also finds amazing sonic terrain with self-similar nooks and crannies. [working great on a dual g5 mac under R5.]
John Kammeyer-Mueller
13 years ago
i can't telly you how much i dig everything you put up. superb!
Stefan Netschio
13 years ago
nice, and easy
Yohei Umehara
14 years ago
Ricardo Villanueva Pérez
14 years ago
very sort info and documentation but it sound nice
oguz Buyukberber
14 years ago
Arakaki Manabu
14 years ago
Bodo Kuznik
14 years ago
Thanks Steve T.---Sorry Dieter it is a great Ensemble !! also 10 Points from Resomusic :-)
Steven Tavaglione
14 years ago
My clouddom doesn't work on a PC in reaktor 4 unless you toggle the on switch in the filter section. it can be off or on but you must click it. will there be an update. great ensemble.
john mcCaig
14 years ago
wow... i was building somethign similar.. now i don't have to.. thanks :D
Bodo Kuznik
14 years ago
Help ,I cant hear "nothing",no sound no click whats that Mr.Zobel ?
Michael Liebner
14 years ago
Works great for me. Very cool. Is there any way to get midi input to affect pitch? That'd be a nice touch.
Tim Macaulay
14 years ago
I had the same problem. I had to go into the Selector modules inside the filter and select a Curve property for them; it looks like they somehow set themselves to Null. Sounds great, though.
Al Watson
14 years ago
erm...... i seem to be the only person who cant get this to work!! :-( looks great and i want a go!!! seems to be no ouptput from the 'icl' in the master macro to the main outputs. booooooooo. what am i doing wrong?
Cliff Douse
14 years ago
Crazeee stuff, didi boy, as usual! :-)
GG.G SakabeaT
14 years ago
i love this serie & it's great to see Leboz (damn,this guy has 128 names or wot?;-)) back in action!!!if you still dont know his stuff have a look at CrissCross5 & Para Whan!!!
eige kitamura
14 years ago
Here it is! ;)
Kevin Hopper
14 years ago
Welcome back, Dieter - or is it Didier? Love your stuff!
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
nice to see you uploading stuff again dieter :-)