non-4/4 *experimental* sequencer

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Rick Scott
3.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
July 04, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


ezClic v3 is an *experimental* sequencer in the sense that it produces complex, unpredictable, non-4/4 sequences.

use it to create loops, or longer sequences, or just sit back and listen to it do its thing.

thanks to soundvision for helping solve a sticky snapshot problem i was having ... :-)



Charles Capsis IV
15 years ago
Fun instrument. I prefer to turn off the "reFlectors" reverb however.
hell woooda
17 years ago
I'll embrace a 'non 4/4' sequenced thingy -thank you sir
Omar Sharan
17 years ago
This is perfect for me . gonna use it in a 7/4 song today
黒崎 武一郎
18 years ago
Kristian Thom
19 years ago
Great fun to use! I got some really interesting results from this just by clicking the ezClic randomizer button with some of my percussion samples (mostly from the Junk Percussion sample CD). Really like the voice splitting idea. The randoMization buttons are highly addictive since good results are so frequent, and once I got slightly spooked since this strangely familiar melodic loop came out of a single mouse click. Nice work! :-)
Mabuchi Takashi
19 years ago
kent williams
19 years ago
Cliff Douse
19 years ago
Produces cool, mesmeric grooves - I like it. Another magnificent rachMiel concoction! :-)
Thomas Watson
19 years ago
Whoops, sorry, make that a 10 !
Thomas Watson
19 years ago
Umma Gumma ! Good Stuff :c)