f a t p a d

analog-style pad-synth, with an extraordinary oscillator

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1.3 (Updated 14 years ago)
May 06, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


f a t p a d is a simple "analog"-style synth, with an extraordinary oscillator, which provides a real smooth, non-pumping and wide detune sound without the comb-filter artifacts of chorus-effects. ( the mp3-demo shows this: first you here the 6-oscillators, second is the same sound with only two oscillators and logics "ensemble"-effect ) It is specially designed for this kind of analog-style pad sound and has such a simple user interface, that you won't need too much snapshots. ( sorry, no weird noises here ;) )

"Under the hood" there are six "saw"-oscillators with six "slow-random" LFOs per voice, individully randomizing the pitch of each oscillator. Each Oscillator is panned individually.

The Stereo-Filter has two envelopes, one for the attack of the sound, where time and intensity can be velocity sensitive, and a second one for tempo-based sweeping.

Version 1.1 fixes a bug with the oscillators on/off-switches and adds some more snapshots.

In Version 1.2 the CPU-Usage doesn't spike that much with sounds that use portamento. :) Some snapshots added also.


Lars Daniel Terkelsen
5 months ago
Awesome. Already the demo snippet shows its strenght. Thanks.
Dan Jisei
3 years ago
Love it! The kind of simple transparent warm pad that just widens the mix! I use it mostly in live situations with MainStage. Thank you!
GG.G SakabeaT
3 years ago
fat,fat,fat.... i dont like the color but the synth is marvelous........ thx 4 sharing
Steven Berliner
5 years ago
This is a really nice synth. For those interested, I made a song using 3 instances of this. https://soundcloud.com/valorous-gamer/r53 Everything but the drums is this synth. It might be 10-year-old software but it sounds really good. I hope to use it a lot more in the future.
Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Currently in the new beta version of the user library you have to search by author names. Links do not work. Search words are not allways working either.
Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Great sounding ensemble. Thanks a lot. If you for instance like roland JX and jupiter series this ensemble come relly close. Warm sounding. I have created a snapshot bank for this ensemble. Here is a link for Fatpad Snapshots v1.0 By Lars Bo Hermansen: https://co.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=userlibrary&type=0&ulbr=1&plview=detail&patchid=13757 This ensemble is a must hear and try. You can make your own touch to the sound and there are many possibilities. The only thing i find is missing in this ensemble is a lfo for vibrato. Not all can be done with the 3 fine multi osc's and various detuning possibilities. The sounding is really good.
Sven Kretzschmar
11 years ago
12 years ago
Wonderfully smooth string sounds. I think the dark blue color obscures some of the text.
Andre Killion
12 years ago
Very nice i've used this on 3 of my songs
13 years ago
I like this machine a lot. Useful and simple.
Guenther Fleischmann
14 years ago
Sounds good! The "Warm"-Knob does a good job.
Nick Magnus
14 years ago
This is the only other thing I've ever found that can replicate the classic Logan String Melody's cathedral organ sound - it's virtually indistinguishable! And the lush 'ensemble' pads sit in the mix so beautifully. Cracking job, Jorg!
John Hagewood
14 years ago
Very nice analogue pads. FAT.
Stefan Nemeth
14 years ago
Some of the "fat pad" presets after tweaking are very nice. Congrats. trif.
Frank Cochoy-Gerik
14 years ago
super pad monster.klingt sehr gut.
Kari Komppa
14 years ago
CPU overload and spikes on my P4 2.8GHz system. Ok when run minimized. Graphics problem? Anyway I like it very much, thanks. KK
Richard Odlin
15 years ago
rich ford
15 years ago
the big organ is the king of evil keyboards. very nice. fat sounds all around.
cornelius wildner
15 years ago
Very nice,thanks
Phillip Brown
15 years ago
Very nice - perfect bigness to the sounds. Thanks I agree with Cliff on the Oberheim quality of the osc- which is a compliment!
Jens Focke
15 years ago
Jörg Holzamer
15 years ago
Hello John-Paul, I have the same spikes. It has something to do with the portamento on some monophonic sounds, but I'm still looking for the real source. But, as this happens only to monophonic sounds, you can reduce the instruments polyphonie to 1, to eliminate these spikes. hope I can give you a more elegant solution soon. greets Jörg
John-Paul McCarthy
15 years ago
Jörg, I seem to be getting some CPU spiking with REAKTOR intermittently going over its 100% CPU reading for the following presets: BASS1 BASS3 PORTALEAD1 I'm on a P4 2GHz system -- Don't know if its caused by a denormalisation problem associated with Pentium 4 processors or something associated with the ensemble. Can anyone confirm CPU spiking? Great Ensemble btw... very nice sounding... hopefully we can get this bug sorted out. JP
Mario Volpe
15 years ago
suona grande
Donovan Stringer
15 years ago
This ensemble would have benefitted greatly from an expanded preset range. It produces great sounds, but some of us are too retarded to handle our own tweaking, & desire more built in sounds. I am of course, refering mostly to myself, but I am sure there are many like me who need to be given more idiot-proof examples of a given ens' sonic capabilities. All else aside, nice work! Excellent Oscillator as advertised.
Cliff Douse
15 years ago
I like the Oberheim-ish sound of some of these pads. :-)