nice space drones

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August 19, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


by Rachmiel and leboz


9 months ago
Feeling flying through the ether
Daniel Salomon
10 years ago
It's amazing. Years ago, I paid good money for import CDs of ambient music by artists whose music sounded more-or-less like the Chimaerandom does when left on autopilot. Now I'm wondering if that's what they'd used. (Looks at when the .ens was posted...) Could be.
Neil Fraser
13 years ago
Superb and very atmospheric
karsten svendsen
13 years ago
very cool ensemble-beautiful sounds, 9/10
Paul Brassey
13 years ago
GOOD - Yet again!
Don Dailey
14 years ago
Here's the thing. I love the sounds, but I hate devoutly random synths. Put a random button on it. I'll press from time to time, but I want to trigger the sounds via midi controller. Thanks for your work. Again, I love the sounds.
ned Bouhalassa
14 years ago
Love it too, but I have one problem Dieter: I use Reaktor AU in Logic, and when I start the sequencer, Chimae no longer generates different tones, but stays on one, sustained. The Reaktor Play button is engaged, but only one tone plays. If I stop Logic from running, and press the Play button in Reaktor, all is well, and Chimae improvises away. Any ideas why running the sequencer would do this? Thanks!
Kristian Thom
14 years ago
This is definitely my kind of ensemble. Absolutely stunning those sounds. It actually got me thinking of a couple of H.P. Lovecraft stories I read a looong time ago :-)
Stefan Chowdhury
14 years ago
uuhh! frightening noises. really extraordinary. nice.
john mcCaig
14 years ago
love it! thanks
Michael Liebner
14 years ago
Les Hall
14 years ago
Dude! this is sick! gollem jr.
stefan weyel
14 years ago
sorry, but i get no sound like on any other Ensemble you recently upped. I'm on PC and Reaktor session. Maybe someone knows a solution
Thomas Weber
14 years ago
...mmm...dreamy :)
David Bradley
14 years ago
Very nice drones! I can think of lot's of uses for this one.