UPDATED 32band stereo analyser/filter by programchild

32band stereo analyser/filter by p r o g r a m c h i l d

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0.4 (Updated 15 years ago)
September 08, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


added click-free dry-wet switch

as requested
this is the stereo version of my 32band filter and analyser

the screenshot shows a small part of
the soundtrack from
\"dukes of hazzard county\"
so this alone is rare enough.

I added a nice link feature

your true friend
p r o g r a m c h i l d


Donald Valdez
13 years ago
you definitely make me appreciate reaktor in a different way, very inspirado-ish
heinrich angel
14 years ago
SUPER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Moloi
14 years ago
rogramchild! like your name... Will comment after use ok!
David van Rensburg
15 years ago
Fantastic, thanks
Evan Schiller
16 years ago
inspiring. thank you!
Artur Nowak
17 years ago
Hi program child, I was trying to send you this through user forum, but I can't. I have lurked into LIME.lite by Jörg Müller, there is a very nice way to turn on/off the normalizer -Jörg used crossfades. The advanage is that it doesn't click (yeah, I love Oval but hate when my ensemble clicks) when you change wet/dry like it does with a switch. The filter can be switched on and off very often to compare how the signal is changing, the method with crossfades is seamless. There is no way to improve this ensemble further though :-)
hello programchild
17 years ago
Hi Artut, change the res max amount to 1.1 or higher. Yeah we got it ringin!
Artur Nowak
17 years ago
wow, I just discovered one feature: when you put res to max, it creates wich vibrating sound... So, it's not only an analyser/filter, but it also cabe used to make the sound very harmonic... Beautifull... :-D
John Nowak
17 years ago
Scott, I have something coming up that will do that.. although I didn't plan on fingerprinting. You'd run them both at the same time.
GG.G SakabeaT
17 years ago
am i the only one who have problem with presets? no big deal but if i change presets from the preset manager,not from the preset module in the instrument itself,i have no sound on the right channel until i swith wet/dry/wet.....the only preset playing both channel is preset 1....i'm on pc,winxp.......................ProgramChild did i say,I love you???.....;-)
Scott Reinwand
17 years ago
Incredible. I love this thing, just when I had gotten sick of playing the guitar. What if you could somehow photograph, or fingeprint your incoming audio's eq then apply it to other things a la TC Assimilator, only realtime and only in 32 bands? Now that would be AWESOME.
Markus Brandt
17 years ago
nice work ;-)
Al Watson
17 years ago
ah ha!!! yes!!! tkankyou! stereo! woo hoo! you dont do any ither instruments on request do you?!!! ;-)