evolving glissando generator (sound installation)

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1.4 (Updated 14 years ago)
May 31, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


a swarm of sinewaves (uneven harmonics) go up and down endlessly.
the resulting timbres are limited in a way.
for a project, i needed a simple sine glissando which behaves in an organic manner.
this one is a bit more complex and could have it\'s own life without any user interaction ;-) (one per hour will be ok).
let it run all day, and after a while you will do everything in slow motion.

updated (23-06) for reaktor 4.02.
please note that the previous gliss swarm does not work with 4.02 because of changes in the 'internal connections' of reaktor.

sometimes the ens. generates nice harmonics, but they will only while for a short segment of time - great for philosophical pleasure. (you cannot snapshot them).

included is a very good reverb from the v3 user lib; dont know who made it, and a simple grain delay (= pitch shifter).

as requested: update for reaktor 4.12 - the previous version caused an event-loop crash.


12 years ago
'watch the roots grow' snap is right out of Forbidden Planet! Enter the shuttle car and ride to the Great Machine!
Christine Webster
14 years ago
Very good ensemble, works great on my Powerbook, beautiful sounds ... Thanks for sharing.
Walt Jones
14 years ago
simple idea? Yes, but very effective, and very unique sounding. hypnotic.
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
i love this one...reminds me of stuff you can get out of Metaphysical Function, with less controls, only my computer isn't on its knees afterwards!
Jeff Culp
14 years ago
very organic sounding and subtle. nice stuff!!
Didier Debril
15 years ago
I like it too much. I love sonorities and it opens very interesting prospects. I feel that I much will work with and reprocess the results. Cheer. C'est one of my preferred instruments. A suggestion, to make the same whole but with several oscillators.
Rich Young
15 years ago
I love the sounds coming from this thing. Great for some ambient Richard Devine - style stuff.
Ben Norland
15 years ago
Thanks for the fix - excellent stuff.
Rolf Schmuck
15 years ago
"any chance of a fix?" yes. should work now. (can we put this one back please to 1.000+ downloads?)
Ben Norland
15 years ago
I can't open this - Reactor quits on me (using 4.1.2 on Mac OS10.3) I have fond memories of using this once upon a time in 4.0.2 - any chance of a fix?
Russell Sherman
15 years ago
Gary Hawkins
16 years ago
Dan Alvarez
16 years ago
Beautiful. I love it!
John Nowak
16 years ago
Lifeforms works great on my mac.
Mitch Wells
16 years ago
very uselful tool. thankyou!
Cliff Douse
16 years ago
A nice ambient effect! Is there any chance of making Lifeforms work on an Apple Mac too?