A tribute to the Waldorf Q and microQ

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1.3 (Updated 14 years ago)
October 05, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


3 oscillators,each with pulse/sawtooth,triangle and parabolic waveforms.
The first two oscillators also have an Alt option,which is a wavetable generator
for wavetable synthesis.
Sub oscilators(when Alt is selected)with tuning and volume controls.
Two multimode filters,each with 2 and 4 pole(LP/HP and BP modes)and a comb filter.
Filters may be run either in series or parallel,and have separate pan controls
(pan position may be modulated)
Four envelopes with selectable type(ADBDBR,ADSR,ADR).Only the first D control is active
for ADSR and ADR types.
Three LFOs with off/direct/MW switching and a ULF(ultra low frequency)switch.
16 slot mod matrix with 16 sources and 29 destinations.
On panel B:
CList's Qatsi Arpeggiator
Step sequencer with separate BPM clock and selectable clock divider.Step sequencer
can also be used as a mod source(pitch or gate signals)at any time.
Diffusion delay
New in 1.2;
A newer version of the Qatsi Arpeggiator(thanks,CList:-))
A few more presets.
For all of my Reaktor creations,visit the Reaktor page at http://ew.panicnow.net


Lars Baumhardt
10 months ago
I can't open the ensemble, it is missing some important WAV files... Would you like to locate C:/\Eigene Dateien\Neue Libraries\New\Egbert\WaveSets\Organ/OctFifth.wav now?
Robert Jung
1 year ago
I can't open the ensemble, it is missing some important WAV files
Michael Berry
15 years ago
Really good, but pretty processor intensive (taking up 30% of my cpu!!!)
Troy DeSimone
16 years ago
Couldn't open file. Trying again.
Eric Wistrand
16 years ago
I haven't said anything before,but thanks for the comments:-) If you come up with any cool snaps that you'd like to have included in the next update,or any comments,etc;feel free to write me at ewistrand@msn.com
Dave Ward
16 years ago
REALLY good. i love it.
Bodo Kuznik
16 years ago
WOW !!--just the Best-- thats it what i want . Now 10 Points from Resomusic :-)