Morphine Spectral Injection Modelling Synthesis

Synthesis /Morphing/ Audio insert Effect, and Television

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
September 07, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


Spectral Injection Modelling Synthesis....

This Ensemble consists of 5 Instruments, some of them are also useful for other Ensembles :

Kammer : reverb, can be bypassed,

reconvolution : just a router ( + skop, useful for tuning, maybe )

mono chrome : monophone interaktive filter bank with integrated noise generator + external audio and modulation inputs. This filtered noise is fed into

transdux : polyphonic single waveguide resonator with external excitation source and optional polyphonic input comb filter

mono silver : simple monophonic sampler, can be used as optional excitation source. useful also for demonstrating how the ensemble sounds as an audio insert effect
based on steampipe/sparky/metasyn64 and trallala,
-- includes a stupid TV/Video live mixer

it's my first upload .. so .. be nice

hm - I just realize they mispelled my last name.. they seem to type in the usernames manually .. interesting


6 months ago
There's a link from NI BLOG to Gabriels phantastic PM synth. WOW!
Simon Jarvis
8 years ago
Not sure what to make of this. There's a lot of reverb but it's a very big, beautiful sound all the same.
Pedro Eustache
9 years ago
Beautiful...great sounding thing!!!! THANKS!! Fantastic work!!!
Terone Bullock
10 years ago
sound good!!!
Denis Mujakovic
10 years ago
this is really something special. thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring gift gabriel.
Georg Fries
10 years ago
I thought I did comment on this many months ago - it is such a wonderful, outstanding work. Thanks!
Stephen Gallagher
11 years ago
this just adds something magical to tracks! thanks so much!
Robin Barklis
11 years ago
I'm not wholly sure what's going on (I thought I knew a lot about synthesis before I got Reaktor...) but what a great sounding synth. Thank you.
alex malin
11 years ago
good synth
shawn gilbert
11 years ago
5 10's from me...literally, I voted 5 times...once for each part of the ens.I truely admire your uploads!!!!
moritz züblin
12 years ago
Viktor Karassik
12 years ago
Viktor Karassik 2006/10/11 I like it a lot. One of two the Best. Some very expressive sounds. 9.5
James Duffett-Smith
13 years ago
This is great, really expressive and beautiful sounds. one of my favourite ens, including those from the factory. Thanks - what a first upload.
Ulrich Reuter
14 years ago
very, very, very good. (this version 1.1 is the file called 1.0, isn't it?)
Liam Donaldson
14 years ago
Nice timbre on several sounds/patches. Just starting to explore the possibilities with this ens. Well done.
Kevin Gee
14 years ago
This is a great job. Physical modeling synths are probably the most challenging to do right. I love the morphable filters. It adds wonderful expressiveness.
daniel lemke
14 years ago
Been using Reaktor Sessions for a month now, this is the first ensemble that moved me enough to leave a comment, it's a wonderful thing you've created.
Kensuke Kawahara
14 years ago
Sounds great!! And looks cool!!Thanks!!
gabriel mulzer
14 years ago
pitch bend - no , mod wheel - yes : either use midi learn+move the wheel, or set the controller number to 1 in the properties in the rightmost sliders, only the upper sliders work this way, the slider below doesnt move ( the effect is the same, I think, not sure ), i assume i did something that needs mouse clicks "activate midi in" for these sliders must be enabled to - I am not sure if these properties are available in the sesseion version as well, but I hope so AFAIK pitch bend cant be mapped to any visual control in reaktor, since its not a midi control message but a genuine pitchbend message ( not sure if this is true )
Rainer Kuehn
14 years ago
Great thing!!! - Is it possible to control the "shift"button via midi mod wheel or pitchbend? I didn`t get it. Thanks a lot! -Rainer
Theron Corse
14 years ago
Cool - very nice.
steffen goerke
14 years ago
dreamy sounds , thank you very much
Robert Tucholke
14 years ago
only the best
David Vincent
14 years ago
oguz Buyukberber
14 years ago
Thi thing is so playable! I love it! Many many thanks
frederic dutertre
14 years ago
frank schimmelpfennig
14 years ago
khlasse , khlasse
Michel Steiner
15 years ago
Five stars... and one 10 more... thanks!
15 years ago
High performance on MAC 733 OSX 10.3.5, (99,2% at 44100. great stuff but there are some noises from the LFOs (f.i. preset 5). good job!
Kimmo Kivelä
15 years ago
On Mac OS X Panther Powerbook 867: Best physical modelling/resonator stuff. Interface is also very nice and well made. Very best stuff!
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
very interesting, i am intersted myself in waveguide physical modelling in reaktor and the TV is just damn interesting as far as reaktor graphics go (w/o using bitmaps)
Christian Bader
15 years ago
For me it is the best ensemble that I tried until now
sean johnson
15 years ago
This crashes on start up every time on my mac os x. Shame, looks great!
eric thomas
15 years ago
This sounds really rich all together and the mono chrome is great on its own, too {and that mono slot machine spin}. Thanks for all the cool parts.
gabriel mulzer
15 years ago
Thanks for your nice comments and votes ------------------------------------------------- how to use it A) as an insert effect : -add the ensemble as insert effect to an audio track, choose the 1st snap from the Ensemble -add a midi track and send it's output to the same reaktor plugin ( the reaktor effect on the audio track needs to recieve midi notes ) play audio and midi : you should hear a resonant vocoderish effect, similar to singing into a piano .. ( you need to play same chords or several notes in octaves at the same time to make this sound richer ) equalize the input by drawing in the leftmost table, and narrow or widen the equalizer range with sliders on the left, or bypass the eq on the left increase or decrease the feedback ( FB in transdux) amount for a more resonant or more dry sound, the lp / hp and cut filters will also have an effect you can have the same effect type with transdux alone, removing everything else from the ens. B) as a synthesizer it works pretty much the same: - start with the "drag sliders" snapshot, play some notes and start drawing in the equalizer, squeeze the frequency range etc ( you will overwrite the table of course, so any sound that uses the same part of the table will be changed ) - you will soon notice, that a great deal of atmosphere is caused by the reverb, and that the sounds are all somewhat similar stringish pad sounds .. or pluggish pling sounds if you change the envelope .. ( the flute sound is somewhat misleading, since a) the noise input has only little effect, it is created in most parts in the resonator b) steampipe and also clarkinette are much better for this type of sounds, really ) if you want to use the sampler adjust its input level into the eq ( in the field below the left table ) the piano sound relies on special noises, but you can experiment with short attack periods of real instruments which may work too ( though these must not contain a dominant key-frequency, otherwise you will get unpleasent dominant resonances for that frequency ) the pos knob and the unison spread in transdux also have some influence on this kind of sounds if you reduce the samplerate to 33k you can probably increase the number of voices in transdux up to 128 ( depends on your machine of course etc) even with the 3voice piano sound, without much impact on the quality
Laurent Levesque
15 years ago
Love it ! thank you so much, a few presets, but extremly good
marc boas
15 years ago
I like it so well. Thank you.
Don Dailey
15 years ago
I give tis a 9.01! The 9 is for coming up with a great sounding ens. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but the snaps are good. The extra .01 is for the "stupid TV"! :-)
gabriel mulzer
15 years ago
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