M I N T R4

M I N T R4 a n a l o g w a v e f o r m s y n t h

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1.8 (Updated 15 years ago)
June 25, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


I exchanged the previous envelope by an
A H D S R envelope.

I realized that the LFO-->OSC only works on the first oscillator without enabling the
oscillator modulation switch. Same for Noise mod.

So a further update is still to come!

Thanks for over 700 downloads.

M I N T contains waveforms from analog synths
like micromoog, yamaha cs 15, rhodes chroma solaris and in addition some roland mc505 waves

it provides 3 oscillators, each one has it´s own envelope

the 48 db lopass filter works per voice

in this version I added noise fm for dirty sessions

many many snapshots

works perfectly on kick drums

special feature: assign the filter envelope to lfo rate

enjoy relax and feel free

your friend

p r o g r a m c h i l d


Ashley Marians
13 years ago
works fine for me logic/intel imac. sounds great too.
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
to avoid invalid messages, just take the .ens out of it's folder, or rename the forder using only a few letters/numbers. nice synth btw
A Hptd
17 years ago
This ensemble is saved with the latest version of reaktor. ensembles saved with this version don't work in RS 1.0.1 and crash RS 1.0.2. Until NI get this sorted we won't be able to use any of your new ensembles. Any chance you can save this ensemble with the last version so we can use it?
Thorsten Quandt
17 years ago
Great GUI!
michael huckaby
17 years ago
whats the deal with your website? a message in german indicates that it is down or something. i want to check it out. please help. email me
michael huckaby
17 years ago
Evan Bartholomew
17 years ago
Maybe I am missing something here, but I get an invalid file message whenever I try to open this synth. Was a fan of the r3 version, so it will be nice to play with this.