granular FX

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April 29, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
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granular-delay with env-follower and env-modulation
see panel b for more description

this is my first upload
all comments are welcome


year zero
4 years ago
bringin this ens back! loving it... i have a Lemur template that suits this ensemble. loaded in ableton, to control it. thanks
Greg Killmaster
6 years ago
completely digging musically... thanks are not enough.
7 years ago
Yes yes yes. Incalculably inspiring!!! Especially after my listening debut of Trentemoller's first album, driving through the Santa Cruz mountains.....
James Phillips
7 years ago
This is excellent, just excellent - GOOD JOB!
Victor Kerzl
9 years ago
Heavy super grain! THX A LOT.
Event Iter
10 years ago
Great , Thanks !
Kuhn Rüdiger
10 years ago
....very very nice! Thanks! xd
Jonas Broberg
10 years ago
Just fantastic! Endless fun!
shubs golder
10 years ago
this is awesome. cheers bro!
Semper Fi
10 years ago
This thing is great!Best effect ever.I gona make an glitch-ambient album with using this super effect.Im just start to learn reaktor after big pause,maybe i change something in ensemble structure.Well,thx for so good ensemble!
11 years ago
excelent! really exactly the stuff an avantgarde artist needs ;) Love it, thx!!!
Christopher Soulos
12 years ago
Just right click the box that has the word rare3.aif and chose how u wanna add samples from the drop down menu. BTW an extreeeeemly interesting synth.
Thomas Hutchinson
12 years ago
This looks like what I've been looking for... Is it possible to input your own samples into the buffer or are you limited to the presets that come with it?
john newman
12 years ago
i love this. thats all i can say, but i think it says enough
Luca Capozzi
12 years ago
one of my fav :) I use it very often on my songs. Luca
michael huckaby
13 years ago
top notch. 10 /10
Chris Hickey
13 years ago
Incredible sounds from such a simple interface. Can't wait to try some of your other creations.
Andreas Wetterberg
14 years ago
Beautiful.I didn't expect to see ext in on this one - mighty nice.
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
florian, thanks again, wish i voted for this earlier. the only grain fx i like as much as this is mr pink and white grains! 10/10
James Hamilton
15 years ago
Beautiful, excellent sound, but seems to cause crashes to desktop in every host I've tried it in, usually when attempting to load a different sample map.
ned Bouhalassa
15 years ago
Florian, I'm using this on a vocal track. After each vocal bit, I'd like the processed/Orange sound to stop/go to silence, and not continue past a few seconds at a time. Right now, Orange just keeps generating audio. I suspect what I'm looking for is a way to empty the buffer (please excuse my ignorance - I'm just a composer!) before the next audio/text clip. How can this be done?
John Kammeyer-Mueller
15 years ago
i can't believe how cool your ensembles are. great to look at, better to listen to.
Tommy Jansen
15 years ago
Brilliant tool. Thanks!
duane anderson
15 years ago
very impressive design. snappy town groove most double-plus good!
andraz bole
15 years ago
forgot to add, and absolute 10
andraz bole
15 years ago
omgwtf ?*! youre talented mate, seriously !
Florian Erdle
16 years ago
thanks rick for the compliment, i build this one in one night smoking one pack off cigarettes, untill i reached the 128 modules per macro limit, by the way i cant read my source code either :-)
Rick Scott
16 years ago
holocaust, baybey! one thing: your source code (structure view) is among the most frightening of all the ensembles i have ever seen. (that's a compliment.) glimpse into your mind ... ? ;-)
N Marsh
16 years ago
very musical, very usable, many thanks!!!!!
Florian Erdle
16 years ago
once more thank you all for your comments more fx will come, manfred on panel b are the sampleloop and the switch for external sources
aaron trinder
16 years ago
this is a great noise generator.. but would be really amazing if it could be used with ones own samples/or audio in a DAW
Artur Nowak
16 years ago
this thing makes real music :-) Thank you Florian!
Oliver Greschke
16 years ago
holy shit, thi fx is phantastic
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
i love this. you are making some great FX for reaktor, please keep them coming. manfred, switch on view b, i think that will help
Manfred Schimchen
16 years ago
Very Good, but I can not find a way to put own samples in , please enlight me Thanks Manix
Cliff Douse
16 years ago
This is great for experimental grooves and textures! :-)
Chris Gilkes
16 years ago
Grainal sex :) superb.
Jean Louis Hargous
16 years ago
véritablement extraordinaire 10/10
Markus Brandt
16 years ago
holly shit.... one of the best uploads over the last time. nice independent sound! a must for every sound_designer. you get a 10 from me!!!!!
Jeremiah Savage
16 years ago
This thing is incredible.. I don't know exactly what's going on under the hood but I was pleasantly surprised of the sound designing capabilities. I'd love to see more of your ideas!