jambient Matrix

64 sample matrix, w column, pitch & row sequencing, row controls & more

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2.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
January 02, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


Now with Row sequencing and more! (See history, below.)

jambient Matrix is a Reaktor ensemble in the jambient series. Ensembles in the jambient series are designed for live jamming with samples, geared to ambient-style sound making and nonrythmical audio collage. This one is designed to be played as a VST instrument and is inspired by the capabilities of Ableton's Live sequencer. But it is designed to do something that Live strangely makes impossible: playing and organizing samples, Live style, without having them be locked/stretched to a rhythmic grid.

When listening to the included demo, make sure to select the AlterFan Tour Slow snapshot in the jamPaneer Instrument, or play with other jamPaneer snapshots.

The main instrument is the jambient Matrix. This contains eight Sample Columns, each containing eight samples. Use drag and drop (for example, from jambientBrowser3, available in the Reaktor user library) to fill up and continually change your Matrix of 64 samples. Click on the Column buttons to select the samples you want to play, and change pitches (including playing in reverse) as you like. When using VST automation for sample selection, this means that you can travel through samples with a turn of your hardware controller.

Each Column contains a Sequencer, so that when a sample in the Column repeats N times, there is a probability that the next, previous or a random sample in the bank is played, or that playing stops. The sequencing behaviour is controlled by the dropdown at the middle left of each Column; N by dragging left or right the yellow line in the Repetition Trigger bar above the dropdown, just below the Sample Repetition Count meter; and the Sequencing Probability by the box to the right of the drop down. In the B view, you can also draw Pitch Sequences for all samples in the bank, to give melodic contours to your sequence, or select other instruments to use as pitch modulators.

Matrix Controls on the right hand side of the instrument let you play entire Rows in the Matrix. There is a also a Row Sequencer for sequencing play of entire Rows. Interaction between the Row Sequencer and the Column and Pitch Sequencers allows for complex self-chaning landscapes. Columns can be isolated from Matrix using the dropdown at the middle right of each Sample Column.

Each Column has a Volume control that fades output up and down at a speed defined in B View. Clicking on Swch fades up the sound if it is muted, and fades it to mute if there is some volume. Clicking on Swch in the Matrix controls lets you fade out all Column currently sending output, and fade up all Columns currently muted, to achieve dissolve between outputs of Columns.

See the tooltips in the Matrix for further documentation, and documentation of the including jamPaneer pan modulator and jaModulator and jambient TerrainoSoar pitch modulators.

The ensemble ships with a small number of sampless, so you don't have to tell Reaktor to respond to missing samples 64 times--but normally you'd have close to 64 different samples loaded.


v2 revision 41
New features:
-Row sequencing!
-Repetition Count added to give more flexibility in sequencing.
-Stop behaviour added to sequencers to allow for one shot or multi-shot sample playing.
-Better tooltips, terminology
-Better demo
-Interface improvements, better way of retriggering matrix controls

v1 revision 33
-Initial release


David Morris
16 years ago
Bug fixes are in the works, stay tuned for a new version, also with CPU improvements.
David Morris
16 years ago
And also remember, you can save CPU by muting the modulators and switching jamPaneer to Merge to Stereo
David Morris
16 years ago
Jason, what kind of bugs? Please let me know at jambientsoftware@cogeco.ca. Anybody with a higherspeed mac or lowerspeed pc getting CPU hogging? Please remember, you've got 64 samplers in there.
Jason King
16 years ago
A bit buggy, and a serious CPU hog on my 1.25GHz Powerbook. None the less, this is a good instrument for organic, evolving collage work.
David Morris
16 years ago
Apologies, my machine is a 2.4 GHz pentium; expect higher cpu on slower machines; if you want to save even more cpu, mute some of the sample banks macros.
David Morris
16 years ago
Strange, I would have thought that a computer of that sort would handle it easily. (On my 1.4 GHz pentium I think it's around %30). Here's something that might be a workaround: -Open a new ensemble -Stop processing in Reaktor using main switch in the toolbar, or stop audio in the system menu -Now load jambient Matrix 2 -Mute the jamModulator and jambient TerrainoSoar instruments. -In the jamPaneer instrument select "Merge to Stereo" from the dropdown list. -Now turn on audio processing. This will lighten the CPU load by letting you use the Matrix itself without the overhead of the modulators or jamPaneer.
Brian Robinson
16 years ago
Would love to try jambient Matrix out but every time I launch it and try and run it I get processor overload! Mac G4 Mirror Door Dual 1GB, 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.3.7
Michael Polane
16 years ago
please, with samples
howard longlegz
16 years ago
an exciting newcomer to the jambient world.Very intuitive,never seen an instrument so pleasing to practice.many thanks for sharing.
Peter Dines
16 years ago
Doh, so excited I hit submit too soon... this was EXACTLY what was preventing me from buying Live. Thanks! Ensembles like this are making VSTi hosts obsolete. :D
Peter Dines
16 years ago
Thomas Watson
16 years ago
great idea!!! some pan modulation would have been nice :D
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
And a fine set of tools (the Jambient series) they all are. Meant to get back to one of them to say thanks for sharing. Very useful for me when I am in the "Eno mode". Happy New Year David.