Tesla Tone

Kickbutt lead synth

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
August 25, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


If Nikola Tesla built synths, maybe he would build something like this one!

I must congratulate NI on doing a wonderful job with their new Transistor Ladder filter core cell. It sounds lovely...
The 3 large sparking electric zapper thingies are x-y controllers.

Have fun!


clau migue
2 years ago
muy bueno!!!!
Christopher Soulos
11 years ago
Mutha sound
Alexander Jr. Punzalan
13 years ago
Even with a slow computer... I needed to buy a new one just so i can use this synth more! Great sounds love 'em!
rainer Ehrenberg
13 years ago
CPU-eater, but very beautiful
Gary McCormick
13 years ago
very nice one
Alessandro Gaudino
13 years ago
Rob Klippel
13 years ago
Another awesome post!!!!
greg simpson
14 years ago
The contentualized structure and the design are very nice and the long list of preset snapshots is incredible. this inspires me, as i have yet to create something I am confident would be interesting. Thanks!
Murray Fetterly
14 years ago
This synth is awsome!!! Awsome interface!
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
ok, i tried it, and it sounds fantastic. i dont use much regular midi-keyboard synths lately, but i may use this controlled by seqP in a track im working on, because it sounds very "sci-fi" - nice!
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
cant wait to try it, seems pretty cool. i like the graphics. im sure im not the only one who gets happy anytime the library has a new james clark upload - keep up the good work!
ned Bouhalassa
14 years ago
Supa cool, love the shifting tones and attention to inspiring interface design (though purple is not my fave colour, by a long shot!). Congrats, and thanks!
Rainer Brock
14 years ago
Well done! :-)
Red Wierenga
14 years ago
Gotta respect!
Fabio Ricci
14 years ago
Fantastic ! Wonderful Sounds !
Roland Uhlmann
14 years ago
This synth rocks! Nice GUI! But very CPU-hungry!
14 years ago