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kung fu game - reaktor 5 update

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2.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
September 05, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


this is the r5 update to my
fist of the dragon kung fu game
which is based on sounds cut from
a real bruce lee fight

now the hit counter works fine again.

yours is the programchild

ps. now 5.0.0 compatible!


sylvain moreau
11 years ago
12 years ago
lol, nice for a break...
michael huckaby
12 years ago
top notch. one of the best ensembles ever.
charles ross
13 years ago
Vottera choose etre bien. Nous en dir dans Les Etas Une, "Say Formidable."
Thomas Franske
14 years ago
heheh very funny
Charles Capsis IV
15 years ago
works now. thanks.
hello programchild
15 years ago
damn...I forgot again! let me tell ye I´m sorry. I will redo the changes in 5.0.0 and upload again, thanks bob
Robert Croft
15 years ago
you gotta' love him and his stuff though :-D
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
;-) programchild being a bit previous again.
Robert Croft
15 years ago
hey - this is great, but it only runs on the R5.0.1.006 beta - so if you're running R5.0.0.007, the latest commercial release - you can't run this :-(