sKrewell reMix v3

remix of Skrewell from NI library

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Rick Scott
3.3 (Updated 16 years ago)
December 15, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


i always felt that Skrewell had lots of potential, but that the sounds it produced were not luscious enough. so i added a few features and modified a few others. the result is kind'a wild. :-)

v2 is more full bodied, nastier. ;-)

v3 fixes a mac event-loop problem.

thanks to ned bouhaaaaaaaalassa and doktor klangHase (leboz) for their help.

merry holidays, 2005.




Anton Crowley
4 years ago
I wonder if this is okay for epileptics to use. I fired it up for a moment and it looked fantastic, but I got nervous about it potentially causing a seizure and turned it off.
Andreas Sandberg
8 years ago
Skrew me!! This one was NASTY! Love it to death... and yes, I've used the original. Great job! :)))
Greg Killmaster
9 years ago
as all of your work, its amazing! I can't get a feel for how the xy influences the parameters.
Semper Fi
12 years ago
Only atmo glithcy sounds,not interesting.
randy adams
13 years ago
randy adams sKrewell is one of my faves . This version is very nice . I am running 2 of them in a DJ style mixer .Thanks
Dave Kiruluta
14 years ago
I think I freaked out my girlfriend with this thing. Nicely done.
matthew walters
15 years ago
Leslie Nielson is lurking in the basement...sounds of the ghostly 50s echoing through my walls to the neighbours...
Larry Martin
15 years ago
very fun to play with. thanks a load
Richard Pree
16 years ago
This is definitely "Forbidden Planet" soundtrack material. Much nastier than the original Skrewell, much more dangerous than the Krell. Now all we need is Robbie.
David Kennedy
16 years ago
Not so much Forbidden Planet - the display on Skrewell reminds me more of "The Great Static Electricity Lint Monster" episode of the (original '63-'64) Outer Limits - can't remember the name, but if you've seen it you know which one it is. Love the changes - it's so much more listenable now.
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
"Do you like to rebuild Metaphysical Function in the same matter?" neither Rick nor anyone else can do that, because they would be breaking the licensing agreement that comes with the Electronic Instrument series.
16 years ago
Thx Rick, your program is quiet beautiful like Pete Namlook's Ambient-Sound-Design! Do you like to rebuild Metaphysical Function in the same matter?
Matthew Carpenter
16 years ago
fantastic, rick! glad you got rid of NIs quantizer on the output.
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
I keep having this strange urge to re-watch 'Forbidden Planet' ;-)
Ned Bouhalassa
16 years ago
Hey not bad at all, professor, but I prefered the version with Victoria's Secret Models randomly parading in the background. Oh, and how many times must I tell you: it's 10 'a's after the 'h' in my last name, not 9!!!! >:-(
Andreas Wetterberg
16 years ago
THANK YOU! Best sound generator in ze wr0ld! :-D
16 years ago
Patrick Frey
16 years ago
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
what's with the g-dammned double posts everytime I'm here now.. :?
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
One day your name will be a Killing Word. :D
stefano pala
16 years ago
damned mad
wim daans
16 years ago
skrewell tailored to my taste thanks a lot Dr. Scott
Zip Boterbloem
16 years ago
Mr. Scott rules OK
Bodo Kuznik
16 years ago
Merry Holidays...Rick and i say thanks for this usefull christmas gift :-)
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
I'm speechless..
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
Look forward to this, thanks and merry holidays back at you ;-)