10 channel drum sampler

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
December 30, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


new version of my propellerheads redrum emulation. now with external sequencer (i don't really need sequenced instruments).
the ensemble contains a sample set with some 909 samples. feel free to replace them by your own samples!


Marcus Kielman
3 years ago
The software is good, but I can't use it. To drop a sample, I have to expand the MIDI map, I can't seem to use it without the sequencer so I can't play my own drum patterns, and to top it off whenever I use it as a plug in, I can't record anything in the sampler. Maybe there's something I don't know, or I'm asking too much for this sampler. I'm more than happy to figure out how to use this sampler, but there doesn't even seem to be any instructions as to how this work. I think this is amazing, but I think it'll be better if I know what I'm doing.
Bobby Ripp
8 years ago
I am not a drummer but I love it anyway...! a 10
zom moaya
10 years ago
great stuff, thanx - will come in very handy - rob
Terone Bullock
12 years ago
Great just like the Redrum lol
Joachim Schneider
14 years ago
some time ago i was wondering, why there are so many beat-manglers and mashers, but no normal multichannel drumsampler! i like this one, good work!
Michael Brown
14 years ago
10/10! Back when I stopped using the Reason demo I started to miss the simplicity of the ReDrum module. Thank you very much for recreating it in Reaktor! (now I don't have to do it myself :)
lindsey green
14 years ago
Good recreation but TOO buggy to actually be able to use properly. The patterns on the built in step sequencer constantly revert back to previous ones upon pattern change.
David Pape
14 years ago
Fantastic ensemble - nice and clear, and a great starting point for other, personalised instruments. Thanks for posting.
michael huckaby
14 years ago
very nice 10 /10. im going to show the kids in the reaktor class i teach this. you nailed it ! you've taken the essence out of reason, and have created it in the reaktor environment.
Ras Griessenbock
15 years ago
This has proved very useful to me trying to recreate older projects that used reason and redrum for the drums via rewire. Don't want reason, but do want to be able to load things up. Tried to port to Battery, but this is much simpler for editing smaple lenght etc. Many many thanks indeed.
Mirko Brunner
15 years ago
Where is the Lenght-Controller? Watch the real one.......;-)
David Kennedy
15 years ago
Someone in Sweden could almost sue... almost... once again, Stephan V. has done a superlative job with the UI.
Victor Kerzl
15 years ago
schaut gut aus und macht spass,danke!
Stephan Becker
15 years ago
hi kieran! i don't get cpu spikes and glitches. if you want to cut the hihats, you have to edit the sequences so that the channels don't play notes at the same time.
Kieran O\'Hearn
15 years ago
I like this, but I get near-constant CPU spikes and glitches. Also when I press the 8+9ex button, the hats drop out altogether, instead of cutting each other off. Any ideas?