Uhrwerk MK2

Beatslicer with FX

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3.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
January 26, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


mhhh, sorry... i forgot to add the samples to the file - but on the other hand, this was the reason for me to edit 3 (!!!) szene-BANKS! ;)
and i also i killed some bugs in the structure!
not bad - the first revision after maybe 5 hours? sorry :(


okay, i've been working on new features for uhrwerk, like some randomization, sequencers for sample/bank and szene-selection and kickin' out some little bugs! i also redisegned the panel a little bit.....i'm sure you'll be having fun!
okay, i still didn't edit any more sequences but the 6 that yet have been edited - i'm sorry, but i hate editing presets.... gimme some time ;)


A beatslicer with a (very vectory like ;) ) 10 slider FX-morphing-engine and some basic midi implementation (>>instrument info)!
still unfinished but in progress.....;)
at the moment u can only use one loop and there are only a few presets programmed!
but i guess it's useful yet, maybe for some people.... just try it out and have fun!
i'd be happy about feedbacks and suggestions....


Joachim Schneider
13 years ago
thanx for ur comment, but i guess i will stop the development on this intrument, it's very buggy! i will build a new beatslicer with better features when i have some time.... :D
Richard Figone
13 years ago
Rick Scott
14 years ago
joachim, i would like to make some specific suggestions for new/enhanced v2 features. if you are interested, please email me: rachmiel@rachmiel.org. :-)
Joachim Schneider
14 years ago
thanks for your feedback, fine that u like it! :) ymhh, snapshots...i don't know why the people always want snapshots, i never use presets i didn't edit my own! but yeah, i also hate to edit snapshots ;) because it's so timeintensive.... i'll try to put some more in the next update - i promise! and the random function is a good point, didn't even think about something like that! i will try it out, but i'm new to reaktor, so it probably needs some time ...;)
Rick Scott
14 years ago
joachim, i really like this. :-) i think it could be a very useful beat morpher. i have two requests: snapshots! (without them most ensembles get lowish votes.) and (surprise surprise!) a randomizer that will enable guided-random settings for your sequencers. well done!
Joachim Schneider
14 years ago
thanks for your feedback! funny: i had a clockdivider in it, but i deleted it, because i didn't find it very useful! but ok, others seem to like it, so i will put it into the next update!
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
i think it wpuld be nice to have different speeds (clock divde) for the source sequencer. this also looks much nicer than Vectory.
Joachim Schneider
14 years ago
hmm, sorry to all, who downloaded the file yet: noob error - forgot to save the sample with the sampler! this is why i updated to version 1.1, didn't find another way to upload the "new version" WITH sample! sorry again, have fun....;)