play one finger chord progressions in key

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2.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 11, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


I saw a request for something like this on the forums and it inspired me to build this.

Select the key and scale and play any white key on a MIDI keyboard...the display lets you know what keys correspond to which chord.

Added Timothy Lamb's Trash EP for demo purposes, but it will also send MIDI to sequencers. Attach the to my recently uploaded "Seqnik" for some mad one finger magic (sorry, that sounds kind of dirty...)

-Dave D


Marcel Stark
10 years ago
Ben Hamers
11 years ago
michael huckaby
15 years ago
i love music theory devices made in reaktor. top notch.
Larry Martin
16 years ago
very cool idea playing with other sounds it has a neat purpose. thanks
Dieter Zobel
16 years ago
much,much thanks
Der Einmeier
16 years ago
so damn useful and reminds me a lil' bit on the chordMe-vst-plug :-) brillant idea to create such an ensemble which is really helpful! 10/10 not just for the idea :-)
Laurent Levesque
16 years ago
amazing !
David Dayneko
16 years ago
You could also just add individual octave controls to accomplish the same thing. I'll see if I can get around it to sometime soon...
Benjamin Robertshaw
16 years ago
That wasn't quite what I meant. The delays control the order they play in I wanted to be able to choose which one has the lowest pitch
JPaul Morton
16 years ago
@Benjamin, I'm playing with this now, I think the delays for each note are designed to do what you're asking for, though I may be wrong. This is great controlling 2 instruments at a time.
Benjamin Robertshaw
16 years ago
I like this concept. I was wondering if there is any way to change the grip (sorry if I'm unclear. I learned all my music theory in swedish) What I mean is say you play c major C E G would it be possible to rearrange it so that it plays E G C or G C E.
Peter Dines
16 years ago
Super! I'm glad you got it uploaded. The potential for use, abuse and misuse is just monstrous.
David Dayneko
16 years ago
Got it working now...please try again
Peter Dines
16 years ago
Doesn't want to download - looks like you named it instead of - or just as likely, the server messed something up. Too bad - looks like a cool ens!