mu mu v2

yet another mumosq variant!

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Rick Scott
2.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
February 08, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


a remix of pascal's remix of brinkmann's mumosq. (the weird thing is i never really liked mumosq to begin with!) optimized for randomization, and a bit starker (no delays, less fm).

v2 adds distortion, sounds cooler.


Gogu Iulian
8 years ago
fantastic tool
Peter Van Hoesen
12 years ago
fantastic tool - allows for hours of creative fun. thanks!
Maarten Versteegh
13 years ago
Woohoo! Great instrument. Love using it to make great and inspiring loops. Thank you.
Robert Croft
13 years ago
this is superb rick!
Laurent Levesque
13 years ago
So nice !
Der Einmeier
13 years ago
10/10 - need more of stuff like that - it's so inspiring and fun to work with. love it, thanks!!!
Ben Norland
13 years ago
Christian Ottow
13 years ago
10/10. It reminds me of the old sinebeat ens... :) No recording possible though?:( Thanks for this inspiring ens...
Don Dailey
13 years ago
Dr. Scott takes his scalpal to yet another oldie and creates a fantasically improved ensemble, mostly by way of adding the "infinite snap" tool - the Randomize button. His new mission in life - to put a randomize buttton on every existing Reaktor ensemble continues. ... breathing new life into slumbering synths. No if we only had a randomize history buttton!
santoni pascal
13 years ago
yesssss !!! it's so coooool :)))
13 years ago
prima :D
Andrew Rice
13 years ago