niNe coMbs

nine comb filters in series with randomation

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Rick Scott
1.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
March 13, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Filter


extreme/experimental modulation device that subjects audio to a series of nine comb filters with often grotesque results. :-)


Ariel Kenan
9 years ago
I think the filters in parallel might sound better (retain more of original sound but still f it up)
Tom Goldschmidt
12 years ago
Hi, Thanks for the device. I think it could be very useful, if... it did not have a tendency to think it is a delay line. Pitch differences are not very audible (from my first trials) if one does use use feedback, and feedback creates much too much echo. Lowering the pitch also generates echoes even if feedback is closed. So I end up with sounds drowned in wash... But if this was corrected - or if I am told where I am going wrong - I would surely use it a lot. Individual panning of the filters, as suggested, would also be nice. Don't give up !
ramon gooden
13 years ago
a little about the votes. I'm new to Reaktor. It feels like I am in Disneyland, being able to check out all the downloads. I've downoaded a lot of things that I haven't tried out yet. The good news is that I only download what looks interesting. I'll vote after I spend a day on your piece. A good indicator as to the GOOD downloads is the number of downloads. This looks good!
Dieter Zobel
13 years ago
die arbeit selbst ist es, die gluecklich macht. viele gruesse, herr professor
Ernest Meyer
13 years ago
Well another ineresting one, Rick. I too experience the palsity of votes. I think the problem however is with NI's current user community (many of the old designers have moved on), not with your designs which are really excellent.
santoni pascal
13 years ago
you're so crazy !!!! and i love it ;) thanks... ëthum
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
very extreme comb filtering, to be sure. one thing id like, would be individual panning of the seperate filters. this would really make for a wild sound-scape creator.
Peter Dines
13 years ago
I think you'd get more response if you included a loop player with a few rhythmic loops and presets tailored to show what it can do to those loops. It's the instant gratification factor that's missing. After I ran some audio through it and tweaked it a bit I got interesting results.
Bertrand Eric
13 years ago
Hi Rick, I just downloaded your files thid morning and I will give you my impressions after using it for a while Cheers
Rick Scott
13 years ago
100+ downloads and not a single vote! this is obviously not speaking to people ... so what can i do to make it more effective and useable?
John Kammeyer-Mueller
13 years ago
wowie zowie, this one weaves and moves all over the place. really a great effect for turning drum loops into evolving space noodles.