Relentless beats and endless trance

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2.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
April 23, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


An algorithmic generator that aims to produce repetitive but interesting rhythms with evolving sounds. Add your own sample maps (to the sampler located in the Sounder2 module).

Wait for a few seconds after changing snaps (or when starting up) to let the delay lines clear. Remember to press PLAY!


Paul Weber
6 years ago
A-frigging-mazing :-)))
Anton Bös
7 years ago
Nice idea and well done.
matthias geiges
9 years ago
supa ding! klasse idee!
scott daly
10 years ago
haha this is nuts. way cool. thanks!
Donald Valdez
12 years ago
more insomnia
Philippe ARNOULD
12 years ago
David Bowes
12 years ago
Have you visited a mental institute recently ??? If you havn't i highly recommend it........i'm sure you'd injoy it. I took the sounds to bed with me.... .........i don't usualy do that!
Charles Capsis IV
13 years ago
it's weird and i like it a lot.
James Clark
13 years ago
Chris the hang ups come from the "Fourmant" module in the Sounder blocks, and are due to a feedback path. I could get rid of it, but doing so makes the sound kind of blah. So, just treat it like a tempermental prima donna.
Donovan Stringer
13 years ago
Chris, I have noticed the same effect when using a handfull of R3 ensembles, most notably, 'h e i s h e r e'. What I did to eliminate it was toggle the Legacy mode switch. Try that and see how it works for you. Cheers, D
Rob van Hees
13 years ago
Genious stuff :0)
Chris R Gibson
13 years ago
btw, after bouncing about thirty tracks (I told you I had a blast) from Logic 7.1.1, it would all of a sudden produce a loud st of clicks and stop all audio output. I had to restart everything to get sound back. i don't know if this an ensemble issue, Reaktor issue, or something else (never had it happen with another ensemble). Anyone else ever had this happen on Mac (10.4.5 here)?
Rick Scott
13 years ago
Chris R Gibson
13 years ago
Holy Throbbing Zoviet Puppy Nursing a Rapoon Wound Batman! Seriously, the theory behind this ensemble is truly writing to Reaktor's strength as an experimental system. Hats off to you for further expanding the avant garde side of Reaktor with this, it is appreciated and I certainly have had a blast with it ;-)
Bill Suchecki
13 years ago
Very cool
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
James Duffett-Smith
13 years ago
Yes, very ingenious, like this crazy thing a lot. J
Maarten Versteegh
13 years ago
Wow. Endless fun. Thank you very much.
Andrzej Izdebski
13 years ago
Great! Really amazing!
Donovan Stringer
13 years ago
How the hell do you come up with this stuff..?