Modular Midi Routing Macro's

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1.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
June 01, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


A whole bunch of Midi routing macro's that use the "Chan Message" module. Theres various functions i.e message filter, transpose, cc remap, etc

Theres 3 different types of macro's:

Green: Uses multiplexed midi taken from the "Chan Message" modules. These just have one in/out and can be linked to any other macro with a green midi symbol. This makes it quicker and easier to arrange your setup.
Brown: These use the standard 4 in/out from the "Chan Message" and dont use multiplexing at all. More cpu friendly when dealing with lots of CC messages etc.
Green/Brown: Converts Green to Brown or vice versa.

I think I've tested these as much as I can, but there might be a few bugs in there somewhere. Ive included a little test ensemble which doesnt use all the macro's but should give you an idea of what they do! But you'll need VIRTUAL MIDI CABLES to use it properly.

It's my first UL post so be as brutal as you can in your feedback ;)


1.1 update: a few minor bugs sorted out!


7 years ago
thx a lot! it will help me to learn something about midi routing.
Adam Landfair
9 years ago
Any idea how I could change a channel message to polyphonic pitch/gate and back? -Thanks.
andrea bianchini
9 years ago
GREAT!! really useful!!
anton somov
10 years ago
) Thank you for this!
Matthew Todman
13 years ago
Hi eric... AKA woodslanding right? I found your multiplexing idea after doing this in the forum. Your multipler and demultiplexer core cells are a bit more intuitive than mine, and work great!
eric moon
13 years ago
wow, cool. I started doing this, and lost momentum. I'll check if there are any obvious missing elements. And add more, if I can figure them out. Thanks!
Matthew Todman
13 years ago
Let me know if theres any functions that I've missed out, that you guys would like. "Chord From Note" for example. Thanks for the comments.
13 years ago
Thanks from Paule the transgressor
das wesen
13 years ago
Very cool, I'm sure I'll put that to use soon.
Matthew Todman
13 years ago
Tried uploading the macros in seperate folder which didnt seem to work so I'll guess you'll have to save them from the macro ensemble, sorry bout that