Virtual Analog Synth

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4.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
March 22, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


polyphonic synthesizer for general purpose
-4 oscillators (3 main, 1 sub), sync & fm, ringmodulation, osc 1 with 62 access virus waves, noise generator
-2 independent multimode filters; bandpass and bandstop with adjustable bandwidth, filter 2 with 4 alternative filter modes
- shaper and distortion unit with flexible routing options
-3 envelope generators, 2 lfos
-effect section with chorus, phaser, equalizer and delay
-36 presets to give you a small overview of the possibilities of this synth

i hope you enjoy it!

1st update: fixed bug with switches, modulation matrix on panel b and some new snaps.

2nd update: found a bug with the delay effect. alternative unison mode based on grain delays for playing fat unison sounds without reducing polyphony.

3rd update: pitchbend bug fixed


Rene Preuß
5 years ago
Danke Stephan das du mir die Vorlage gegeben hast deinen wunderbaren Synth nach meinen Vorsellung anpassen zu können. hättest es sicher auch so gemacht(smile).Aber es hat mir sehr viel freude bereitet . Danke dir Stephan ...Gruss Renededrum
5 years ago
CPU friendly SUPERB sounds " 9Saws" sounds SO GOOD ! Thank you for sharing !
Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Solid again again. Something that would be nice is snaps thats tells the differences of your synths. This one can do some things in the virus range. Thanks.
Bobby Ripp
6 years ago
yes...! A 10er
Darren Meadows
7 years ago
Good sound, barely a dent in the CPU, slick work :)
Pedro Eustache
9 years ago
Pretty remarkable!!!
José Gómez Expósito
10 years ago
Tank is very good!!
Robin Barklis
12 years ago
everything you've made sounds so wonderful - thanks again.
Edward Natenberg
12 years ago
FAVORITE ALL TIME SYNTH (for the last year) THIS BABY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaron brightwell
12 years ago
thanks man thumbs up
michael huckaby
13 years ago
wow ! now this is the sick bastard right here. 10 /10
Robert Kuhn
13 years ago
nice synth ;-)
Thorsten Klose
13 years ago
Really great work! I used three instances of Tritium for a DIY hardware sequencer demo (
James Clark
13 years ago
Top notch job.
Christian Bader
13 years ago
This is a gem! Wow!
Richard Souther
14 years ago
Great synth!!!!
Charles Capsis IV
14 years ago
nice interface and great synth.
Robert Tucholke
14 years ago
Hallo Stephan! bin sehr gespannt auf den Tritium. Was Du bis jetzt gemacht hast - Proton, ZS-5000, Prophet - ist mit das beste, was ich unter Reaktor gehört habe. Wirklich Klasse Tools, Glückwunsch und danke schön Beste Grüße Robert
Fabio Ricci
14 years ago
Very Phatt ! One of my most used piece for my Productions ! A vote of 10 are to low.........where are more ;-) FANTASTIC !
14 years ago
Thank you for this one, no doubt I'll use it in my tracks!
Richard Pree
14 years ago
A very wide range of sounds - most impressive considering the relatively small and friendly GUI. Some very nice extras that elevate it above 'standard' synths.
Serina Scott
14 years ago
This has a nicely laid out UI. I especially like the way you did the modulation matrix on page B. I also appreciate that you aren't doing the tabs thing that make some synths hard to use by hiding the parameters one wants to see. The synth is reminescent of some nice synths from the 1980s.
Stephan Becker
14 years ago
hi eric! i'm thinking about a modulation matrix for this synth. it will be in the next update. the bug with the weird artifacts will also be removed. it is because reaktor sets the pitch signal to zero when you press a switch. i put a separator module on the right place and now it works fine. thanks for your suggestion. Hallo Rainer! Endlich mal jemand der deutsch schreibt:-)
Eric Wistrand
14 years ago
As usual, very nice. One suggestion and a possible bug, though. I think it would made more sense having LFO 2 controlling PW. I've found that I usually don't want the same LFO modulating both pitch and PW. Also, I'm getting really weird artifacts whenever I press a switch on the GUI if I'm holding a note, ranging from buzzes to weird LFO effects. This is for any switch, and only if I'm holding a note. Anybody else seeing this?
Maximilian Schäfer
14 years ago
Wow! Two very impressive VA synths added to the user library in one week! Thanks for sharing such high-quality work!
rainer Ehrenberg
14 years ago
Hallo Stephan! Alles was ich kriegen konnte, hab ich geladen ,und vieles war gut. Aber Dein Tritium ist ja ein solcher Überflieger, in jeder Beziehung, Bedienbarkeit, Vielfalt der Klänge, und die Qualität der Sounds.. wirklich das beste, was ich bisher gehört habe!!!! Vielen vielen Dank!!!!!!!!(Leider ist ein höheres Voting als 10 nicht möglich, aber hier würde ich mich lieber der 20 nähern). Rainer
santoni pascal
14 years ago
ENORME !!!! i love the gui and the way it sound !! my favorite synth of yours was suriv-a, but i think you do better !! thank you so much dude !! ëthum
Drew Anderson
14 years ago
right on! good work