Core Random Number Generators

Rand and IRand as core macros.

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1.2 (Updated 15 years ago)
August 01, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


Random number generator macros in Core.

Rand - Generate a random number between [0 and 1.0)

IRand - Generate a random 32-bit integer.

Linear Congruentual RNGs that are ideal for Computer Music use. Fast. And random. And they run for a long time wihtout repeating. What more can one say?

The quest to liberate Core from Primary continues.

(I guess there is one more thing to say after all. These RNGs aren't particularly better or worse than the Primary level rand macro. They just save you the hassle of having to route a random number from primary level).


Red Wierenga
13 years ago
Robin, thanks for these. I guess I didn't pay attention as to when NI included random number generators in core. Have you compared yours and theirs?
mike stacey
15 years ago
really nice stuff. when i start digging into core i'm going to be all over these. thanks for it, and thanks for all the work you have been doing here.
15 years ago
It seems to be: NI's voting has a defect and my tag is vanished. Good work Robin.