sort of the rings R5 version

automatic soundscape generator

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2.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
October 10, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


this is the r5 updated sort of the rings instrument.

just digged it out and had some fun with it.

-redone soundsection with sampler and sine oscillators

-enhanced event handling

-more controls


further update:

now has "autopilot" for slow pitch range variations so the music will be more interesting over the time.

just check it out, HIT PLAY and let it run...

. . . . . . .


1 year ago
1 year ago
Many thanks!
beat spichtig
1 year ago
thx for the offering.
Florian Bielmann
6 years ago
was fuer ein wunder wunder wunderbares ensemble, in 2014!
Event Iter
9 years ago
Great , Thanks !
andreas timm
12 years ago
Peter Wolf
12 years ago
UFF - hier kommt das beste aus dem bermuda-dreieck..... peter ;)
Christopher Soulos
12 years ago
It;s hypnotising Me!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Cunliffe
12 years ago
don't usually use this word... but this is genius.
Greg Bossert
13 years ago
thanks, and welcome back...
Donovan Stringer
13 years ago
You've been missed here.
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
yes please more come back! very glad to see a new programchild upload.
Rick Scott
13 years ago
mein hero!
ned Bouhalassa
13 years ago
RE: Snapshot 22, you're right Paul! It's like xmas, and someone just gave me my first aquarium full of fish! Too cool, just too much fun. =:-p
ned Bouhalassa
13 years ago
D O P E ! ! ! ! ! ! as usual..............
Dieter Zobel
13 years ago
au ja
Al Watson
13 years ago
this is just great. just select snapshot 22 - 'my life', and sit back and enjoy. works nicely as backround sound whilst doing other stuff. big up the program child!