No Random. Snapshot Tables. True Continuous Loop Seqs.

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
October 28, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler



-the last version (3.14159) was sending too many resets to the beatloop. i fixed this. no unwanted glitching now.

-A "BREAK" is no longer destructive to the programmed sequence. Good for adding "rolls" or improvised beat re-ordering to your favorite loops.

-No more "randomizing" patterns. Now you can save table data per snapshot.

-The Qwerty (or midi keyboard) is used for note-pitched break triggering.

-Pitch now has GLIDE!

-The waveform window is an XY controller used for selecting "slices" of the loop.

-Clicking with the left mouse button triggers a C60 note-on, the same as pressing "Q" on your Qwerty, or middle C on your midi keyboard.

-For intended results samples must be 1 bar of 4/4.

thanks to:

theologiae LLC = Snapshot saveable Table Sequencers.

Rick Scott = Autopanner, Maestro, and logistical remains.


Final Version 1.1 edit added mp3 demos


8 years ago
Thank you for sharing
Jason Harris
13 years ago
I love this!!! Thanks so much!
Steve Ruark
13 years ago
This one is so much fun. Thank you.
Darko Volaric
13 years ago
My major complaint with this software is that it keeps me from getting to sleep. Addictive and a joy to play with. Keep em coming!
GG.G SakabeaT
14 years ago
this beast now is a real winner!!!!
Andrew Rice
14 years ago
hehe. glad you like. thank you. and I agree... I can play with this thing non-stop for hours. :-)
Richard Figone
14 years ago
Richard Figone
14 years ago
its great watching this thing evolve. for a kid with ADHD, this is the only pill i need. and since 99% of americans are diagnosed with that disorder, this thing could actually work for almost everyone!
Andrew Rice
14 years ago
Don Dailey
14 years ago
I happen to like seeing all the updates and how you have refined the design. Nice.
mike stacey
14 years ago
another great step. but in the spirit of full discloser, the table idea came from peter dines in his great dusty red planet upload. and your first uploads of loGjammer was a big part of me wanting to do the tutorial in the first place. so everything has come full circle. nice when that happens. thanks again for the great work.
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
btw, i liove your logjammers! good job
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
"So again, sorry about all the stupid updates. i suppose im a perfectionist. this one is worth it tho! and I can finally move on to make some music :-)" hah! how many times have i said that myself!
Andrew Rice
14 years ago
well well well. it's finally up to par. im so sorry about the multiple updates. if you can't be bothered to download yet another version of this ensemble I'd totaly understand... BUT, this time its for real. its finally done. its working flawlessly. version 3.14159 (which is included in the zip [UL bug]) was sending excessive reset signals and at the wrong times. that is fixed now. also the sample map included in the previous version had a sample that was 2 bars which will cause some samplemap weirdness (unless thats been fixed in recent versions of reaktor.) none the less i replaced it. So again, sorry about all the stupid updates. i suppose im a perfectionist. this one is worth it tho! and I can finally move on to make some music :-)