song position fix

song position module - fixed!

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
November 03, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


this is just a macro that works identical to the song position module, except the resetting behavior works as expected - if the clock is stopped, and then reset, the 0 event wont be sent until the clock is started again. to hear an example of the original, unfixed version, open the factory ensemble Sinebeats 2, if you hit the clock stop button twice, you will hear the first beat of the sequence, even though the clock is stopped. worse still, that first beat wont sound when restarted, meaning that the sequence starts on beat 2.


Phil Price
1 year ago
This is now 13 years old. Has the original NI version now been fixed or is this macro still valid.
Nicholas Savage
9 years ago
Thanks this helped in a time of need
Enrico Cosimi
11 years ago
13 years ago
I was about to get crazy until i found this macro! thanks!
cristian vogel
14 years ago
olé! you's a champ!
Dieter Zobel
14 years ago
Richard Figone
14 years ago
hey man. thanks from before, and thanks now. i like the new addition with the gate and rst outputs too.
Raymond Szwec
14 years ago
thanks for this
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
yah, it was in the forums for awhile, but it makes mroe sense to be put here as well, as more users probably are here than in the forums.
Don Dailey
14 years ago
I was just searching the UL for something like this the other day. No, magically, it's here. Thanks!
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
believe me this a must, must dwonload. there are quite a few early Marin Brinkmann ( and some Dieter Zobel) sequencers that don't reset properly. put this where the Song Pos module is... and voila, they play the first beat after reset. fantastic!!