Another tribute to BOC

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January 07, 2007
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Hello Userlibrarists, this is my very first ensemble. As you all know (or maybe not), i'm a huge fan of the scotish band "Boards of Canada". In Interviews they stated that they often use an old, almost defect Grundig tapemachine for recording, adding wow and flutter, saturation and hiss to the signal, to give it a "sound-ageing" feeling. This is what this ensemble simulates...: there are two wow&flutter units for left and right, followed by a saturation unit and a phaser/flanger section. This works on pads and noizes, but often a little finetuning is needed.

Credits go to Jo Orgren, the wow&flutter section is taken from his ensemble "Shortwave4". Also to Herwig Krass and members of the german reaktor forum for giving advice.

Comments are, as always, appreciated...!


Russell Lewis
6 years ago
I like this thing a lot, its nice to add via send sso you can mix in the right amount.
Gerard Sargent
6 years ago
Brilliant device! Absolutely lovely sound created through this - thanks!
Thomas Witte
9 years ago
subtle, too.
Simon Mills
9 years ago
Woah... love it! Been a boards fan for years.. I've gone back to bouncing down to cassette but this adds even more organic loveliness, Thanks! :-)
Robin Barklis
11 years ago
my only trouble now is that I want to use this on EVERYTHING... Thank you.
Michael Barker
12 years ago
I really like this, thank you - the best solution I've found in the library for something like that damaged 16MM projector pre-amp, warbly film sound strip, or mangled reel-to-reel sound that defines BOC.
Nils Quak
12 years ago
nice one. cheers
David Kennedy
12 years ago
No, Paul, there's no umlaut over the O. Also, the aL ensemble does not relate to Allen Lanier, and the "bloomsampler" has nothing to do with playing "stun guitar." !!!? Is it possible that those who do not know the secret history are doomed to repeat it, as Rossingnol contends? Or is it simply the case that the "Buck" stopped elsewhere? In any case, Stefan, thanks for sharing. Wow! (flutter).
Paul Compton
12 years ago
You mean it's not a tribute to Blue Oyster Cult?
Ronald Haaker
12 years ago
thanks a lot !!! nice warm boc sound
Michael Polane
12 years ago
great sound mangler!! thanks
Philippe ARNOULD
12 years ago
Nice and useful; Thanks for this!
James Duffett-Smith
12 years ago
great stuff. I'm a fan of boc as well and agree that shortwave4 is an excellent way of degrading the sound in that special way. also, michat's multihead tapeecho is good for this too, and now we have a new way of boccerising the sound. thanks for sharing. James (sidandnancy)