Sick Basstard

Monophonic Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
January 25, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a modification of programchild's ASSBOOSTER. The right synth for brachiales gothengeschranze.

- one oscillator (sine, tri, pulse and saw waves)
- bit depth and sample rate reduction
- multimode filter with parallel lowpass and 2x8pole bandpass
- distortion & equalization
- 2 envelopes and 1 lfo for modulation
- delay effect
- 18 snaps (i'm too busy to create more...)


michel thouseau
3 years ago
I love it, i use it a lot with MIDI bass !
Bobby Ripp
8 years ago
I love it... a 10
Quinn Hanratty
9 years ago
goes well with some Banaan Electrique. Great synth! thanks!
Aaron Hannum
10 years ago
This is brilliant. Cheers!
Paul Wooller
11 years ago
You sick sick man
11 years ago
jamie wilson
12 years ago
This is sick and a total bastard...It seems to go off into a world of its own occasionally! Love it, Thanks :)
Igor Clark
13 years ago
Beautiful. Thanks Stephan.
Christopher Soulos
14 years ago
Fan-fkg-tastingly Fat!
14 years ago
This is a Sick basstard. thanx
Joachim Schneider
14 years ago
the name says it all! great, dude! devastating!
Sascha Sachs
14 years ago
That's heavy! Now I'll spend a couple of weeks, making noisy single shots for Battery and Impulse. THX a lot! Brap on!
Ned Bouhalassa
14 years ago
Weeked, weeked, just polain weeked! Thanks man! >:-p
michael huckaby
14 years ago
14 years ago
Love it!! Absolue filth...
15 years ago
This a monster synth ! Good Job & thanx i've used many times for my tracks. Matakao
Don Dailey
15 years ago
Sick, indeed! Very nasty! Nice clean interface and some nice snaps to get started with. Sweet offering. Thanks.
Matthew Todman
15 years ago
Sweet Jesus! 10
David Horsley
15 years ago
Awesome. I like the Bass. It has the word "ass" in it. Thank you.
Henri Jackson
15 years ago
Yes, very tastey
Maarten Versteegh
15 years ago
Extremely cool and nasty. Yet another fantastic synth. Thank you.
Jonathan Style
15 years ago
This one went straight the to fav. file! Outstanding sqeaks and and noises. I have to find a place to use it.
Carlo Pearson
15 years ago
Thank you! This is DOPE!
15 years ago