Polyphonic Synthesizer

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1.2 (Updated 12 years ago)
February 16, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


Some of you asked for a polyphonic version of mr.mono. Here it is. basically the same synth engine as in the latest mr.mono-version, but with 8 voices polyphony.

2nd. revision: There was a bug in the phaser macros which could cause problems when using reaktor as plugin.

3rd revision: further adjustments in the phaser


Serge Golikov
1 year ago
Very Jono 106 ish, nice!
Michel Barbaro
5 years ago
Good synth with very LOW CPU usage. Thanks!
8 years ago
I like - 303 filters too...will have to give this one a bit more time
Vladimir Frey
9 years ago
AWESOME! Thank you very much!
sky 1
9 years ago
Great.Thank You.
kapetz kapetz
9 years ago
Many thanks,very nice sound!
jamie wilson
11 years ago
Incredible sounding thing this!
Christopher Soulos
11 years ago
Rite On!
anthony garthwaite
12 years ago
this is actually the best synth in my libary! xtx
Jesse Allen
12 years ago
This synth is epic! One of my very fav's.
12 years ago
awesome ensemble. very lean on cpu and sounds incredible. very usable snaps. great ui.
danielle jones
12 years ago
donell jones this is super hot
michael huckaby
12 years ago
A must have is right. i just came across this. This is killer for Detroit techno and Chicago house. One of the best S Y N T H S in the user library, IMO. 10 / 10
Adam Luckhaupt
12 years ago
Great synth!!! Thanks.
John Stainton
12 years ago
Superb - Low cpu - rich creamy sound - nice keyboard/graphics
Joachim Schneider
12 years ago
ein echt toller synth - insbesondre für leads und knarzige bässe! vielen dank!
Dieter Zobel
12 years ago
klingt hervorragend, danke dafuer
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
great... thanks!
R Ben
12 years ago
I mapped the Params to my Behringer BCR2000 => wonderful, this is a simple yet gorgeous synth. Thanks Stephan
Don Dailey
12 years ago
Aha! The melody is harmonized! Essentil synth with essential snaps. Thanks.
Andre Wolfram
12 years ago