SubHarmonic ReMix

SubHarmonic with snap randomizers

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Rick Scott
1.1 (Updated 15 years ago)
March 03, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


gentle remix of this gentle soul.

randomize your way to interesting snaps.





Hannes Kuehn
1 year ago
Fantastic - but is there a manual? Can you switch off the reverb?
Stephane Lefrancois
13 years ago
incredibly beautiful, inspiring, and soothing. easy 10 :)
randy adams
13 years ago
Randy Adams Thanks for the RMX . Always great atmospheres from this one . It is nice to be able to sift through sounds quickly . Thanks
Christopher Soulos
14 years ago
Wot's the story with u man? RU a genius or sumfink? Just 2 sounds into it and it went straight into my Fave folder More power to u. Thank you so much!
John Loose
15 years ago
Just killer. Thanks. This is going to be used for some spooky stuff. - John
Graham Miller
15 years ago
this and your carbon 2 remix are outstanding. some of my favourite ensembles... please: randomize everything! i spend all day sitting in front of this thing, like a slot machine, waiting for that perfect sound to emerge! it pays out much better than a slot machine too:)
JPaul Morton
15 years ago
CoulD y0u ranDomisE tHe useR liBraRy,pLeaSe.
Don Dailey
15 years ago
The sub-harmonic crossfader is a cool idea. Nice..and sometimes beautifully subtle.
Julian Ray
15 years ago
Thanks! Already made a few snaps with it. Cool!
Rick Scott
15 years ago
i agree! the synth was created for r5 by zwartjes with lots of great snaps from various people. i enabled it to be randomized, that's all. but it tends to randomize very well. :-)
Jamie Macpherson
15 years ago