Quick and powerful tool for creating polyphonic phrases

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
March 03, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


This is an utility I created for quick creation of melodic phrases. Trash EP is included as a demo instrument, but feel free to hook it up to your favorite instrument. Also has MIDI out for sequencers.



odaoda7 odaoda7
13 years ago
nice - very good
Wolfgang Kroon
13 years ago
very useful - thanks a lot.
Richard Figone
14 years ago
the only problem with this ensemble is the notes stuck problem. seems that this is the fall of ensembles with the best potential.
Drew Anderson
14 years ago
nice job!
ronnie pelham
14 years ago
so simple, so SO effective. THANK YOU my friend.
Graham Miller
14 years ago
joel: as far asi can tell, live doesn't have a "MIDI to." i can only see a "MIDI from" under each track. so i selected MIDI from on the FM8, and chose MIDI from my reaktor track, but it doesn't seem to be transmitting any MIDI outside of the ensemble itself... g.
Joel Dunn
14 years ago
in live you want to route the "midi to" from your reaktor track to run you fm8 track.... for example if you are running ninja notes on midi2 and fm8 on midi3, you want to select midi3 for your "midi to" on your reaktor track... at least thats how i did..... BTW... Really cool patch dude... danke
Graham Miller
14 years ago
david... thanks for the help. the first bit worked like a charm. the second one, i can' tseem to get going. ninjanotes is on MIDI 2 and FM8 is on MIDI 3. i've selected the FM8 (MIDI 3) get get 'MIDI from' MIDI 2 (ninja notes) put there is no drop down menu where i can select 'reaktor 5.' the only thing written under 'MIDIfrom' MIDI 2 is 'Track Out.' there is no option to select reaktor... am i doing something wrong... my brain can never handle this kind of stuff... i always end up screwing it up:( thanks for your help and your great ensemble! graham
David Dayneko
14 years ago hook up a new instrument in Reaktor you have to insert the instrument, hook up the sound out, then select the "In" box at the top of the instrument and select NinjaNotes under Int. MIDI. For Live it's a bit tricker. First..set up one MIDI track with NinjaNotes in it. Then set up another MIDI track with the instrument of your choice. In the input section for that track, select the first MIDI channel (the one w/ NinjaNote) in the input drop-down and then "Reaktor 5" in the drop-down below that. Then make sure monitoring is switch to "In"....that should do the trick!
Graham Miller
14 years ago
i really like this, but i can't, for the life of me, get it to drive any of the other reaktor synths, which is what i really want to do. i deleted the trash EP and tried to insert NanoWave or something similar, hooked up the two outs (1 +2) into the L and R of NanoWave... and i get no sound. i'm not much for reaktor programming but this should be pretty simple, right? any help here would be great! thanks graham p.s. can i use the MIDI out to trigger other non-reaktor NI synths (like say FM8) in ableton live? i tried setting the FM8 to get MIDI in from the NinjaNotes ens. but it didn't work either!
Raymond Szwec
14 years ago
this is really very useful. great upload!