too-b overdrive

Overdrive, with 4x oversampling, in core.

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1.3 (Updated 7 years ago)
March 08, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Distortion


Toob-ular overdrive effect unit, with 4x oversampling to reduce aliasing effects. Nice warmth at moderate drive settings; heavy distortion, at high drive settings, but with much less of that harsh digital nastiness.

I didn't think oversampling would make that much difference; but it did.

If you're looking for core macros to use for a distortion/overdrive unit in a synth, the core macro around which this effect is built may be a good choice.

The basic premise: convert to 4x oversampling (via lagrange interpolation), waveshape, low-pass filter at about 20khz, and downsample via decimation. This reduces SOME of the aliasing introduced by wave-shaping. Just enough to make it sound a little sweeter than it would with straight waveshaping. Might be a useful approach to explore with more interesing non-linear manipulation.

v1.2: Waveshape graph, better range on the drive control, and gratuitous de-beautification.


3 months ago
Sounds amazing! I designed a new skin for it and use it for guitar.
Giuseppe Sorce
10 years ago
I have no words to describe my joy. Thank you!
George Gyulatyan
10 years ago
Robin, This sounds awesome! Thank you for this. And even more importantly, thank you for making the upsampling/downsampling macros so simple to use so that math and DSP dummies such as myself can use them in their own projects. This is wonderful!
Dean Lowe
12 years ago
This sounds so nice! I didn't think it was possible to make a distortion effect in Reaktor that sounds is good.
Matthew Todman
13 years ago
Magic! Just discovered this.... and now its going in everything!
Red Wierenga
13 years ago
Very nice. Thank you. I added smoothers after the knobs. Also--amplitude compensation would be nice.
Ron James
13 years ago
I"m just downloading 1.2. Great effect. But I had to make my own stereo version. And on my previous version (v1?), if I changed the volume setting, the VU meter would stop working. I'm sure its fixed here. Thanks.
Michael Barker
13 years ago
This thing is wonderful - I have been working on jerry-rigging a transient former/enveloper and used this little beast as tube saturation after the envelope - sounds fantastic. Thank you! (Hmmm.... Graphic EQ you say... any suggestions in the library?)
Gregory Jenkins
13 years ago
I must say, this is the first thing i've found up here worth commenting on. I have been looking for an overdrive sound like this for a while. This sound so freakin great. Cheers my friend!
Chet Singer
13 years ago
Well, I've listened to it, and I think it's just fantastic. I've added it to a PM guitar ensemble tuned to Just intonation, and the sound is smooooooooth. I'm definitely adding it to the ensemble. Great work, Robin!
Robin Davies
13 years ago
Hey, Larry: I wanted to explictily acknowledge your contribution to this. It would not have happened without your participation. Seriously. Thanks. I have to admit, I'm surprised how useful this little beasty has been for me, already.
Larry Gates
13 years ago
Glad to have offered something, at least in an indirect way, to all the hard working people making top of the line, no holds barred, this is new music tools for us all to enjoy and make a little money off of. Wow man, really good job. You've gotta put the filter on it, and check out the GClip VST. You have done a great job on this. And Johann Meier, what are your other distortions for Reaktor that rank with this one?
John Kammeyer-Mueller
13 years ago
No crashes here, and followed by a graphic eq, this sounds great. Easily one of the top three distortion effects in Reaktor, and I've used them all.
Jean-Sebastien Nicol
13 years ago
Makes Reaktor crash
Chet Singer
13 years ago
This is intriguing. Darn you, Robin, now I'm gonna have to upgrade Reaktor to use your ensemble! ;^)
das wesen
13 years ago
Vert nice!!
Larry Gates
13 years ago
I feel a small part, very small part, responsible for this coming to us. Thank you Robin Davies, sorry to take away any credit. You are a true gentleman for this. This will be the second Reaktor Effect I'll use in a song ever. Thank you. You'll get a 10 for sure. I'm sure this will do the part. In future version is there a possibility for a gclip type roundness feature and some other goodies, if this thing works out. Again, Larry