Smooth Power Chords

Pitch-adjusting Just Intonation macro

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1.0 (Updated 12 years ago)
March 14, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is an alternate tuning macro that shifts pitches slightly until they’re tuned to a beatless Just Intonation scale. This is especially useful when playing guitar power chords, because major and minor thirds can be added to the chords without turning the sound to mud.

Its interface is simple: it has a pitch input and an adjusted pitch output. The panel controls are also simple: there is an on/off switch, a selection box to choose the root note, and a display panel that indicates which major and minor chords will be beatless.

It’s packaged along with a small test instrument so that the results can be easily heard.

The pitch-adjusting ratios can be easily found in the macro for those who want to use their own ratios.


Ariel Kenan
5 years ago
why didn't i think of this?
12 years ago
this not laurent .parantheon i just thougth i would leave a message for n.i or some one i think your ensemble is cool for synths but i dont know how i got into his account without logging in ?
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
simple but very, very useful upload. great!