Live Grain Cloud

Live-sampling Drop-in Replacement for the GrainCloud sampler

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Chris List
1.2 (Updated 10 years ago)
March 17, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a MACRO, it is not an ENSEMBLE. It is up to you to paste or "Load..." the macro from your file system into an instrument you are working on. This macro works just like the GrainCloud Sampler module but allows you to capture incoming audio - the GrainCloud module only works with pre-recorded samples.

A replacement for the the grain cloud sampler module that's based on work I did for the BeatLookup Effect" project
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This allows you to run all kinds of audio into it in realtime. It requires you to set the buffer size in beats. It then takes care of the work required to sample the audio, display it, and pla it back granular-style. This has the advantage of the regular GrainDelay in that it does full stereo and has the panel display of the waveform.

I included a short pdf with information on changing the look and size when you are using it in your own creations,

See my recent El Effekto upload to see how easy it was for me to drop this in to the El Destruko instrument and make it into an effect...

Feel free to try it in your favorite grain-sampler based creations...



year zero
5 years ago
ensemble page revival! just discovered this. going to get this working on some ensembles. thanks for your efforts.
Paul Stone
11 years ago
how on earth do I get this to work in reaktor? it wont load as an ens
Joachim Schneider
13 years ago
great! i'm impressed! i tried to figure out how that 4 point interpolation-algo in the buffer corecell works, since i've been building a bunch of corecells for realtime sample manipulation for my own - but i'm too bad at reverse engineering and loose patience very quick! so, i'd be very thankful, if you could gimme a hint! email: great work!
John Kammeyer-Mueller
13 years ago
a fantastic building block for making effects. thanks much!
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
only improvement i can think of - i think the P input would make more sense centered around 0, rather than 60, as this is how normal GrainDelays etc work, and for me at least 0 makes more sense as a default than 60. this is no big deal, of course!
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
thanks a million, really! i was thinking of ripping apart you beatlookup effect to make a much simpler effect for live performance, but this will make things much easier!
Michael Polane
13 years ago
Dieter Zobel
13 years ago
oh oh.. thanks for this
Chris List
13 years ago
I feel I should stress one more time that this macro is taken in large part from the BeatLookup instrument, and that a lot of it may make no sense because of that. The whole "Is On?" thing in the grainmath macro is not used here - it's always on. Also, the Length (in beats) knob that's part of the macro is not required, but you do need to tell it what length the buffer should be *some how*, and that's the easiest way. You could just replace it with a constant. Lastly, like the grain-cloud, it's up to you to create your own playback ramp! This does not do any playback on it's own. I think I'm going to enhance it with a "mode" input that, when set, will allow it to work like a delay where it will play the sampled audio on it's own, and allow you to simply send it offset times to cause it to shift it's playback position rather than requiring you to send it a play pos ramp.
Robin Davies
13 years ago
Very very useful. Thanks.