Trautonium three pack

Pack of three trautonium based synthesizers for your soul

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April 17, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


I first started messing around with Trautonium oscillators by accident when touring around core, and I liked the sound so much I made three different synthesizers with them. The Trautonium in Reaktor is a comparatively thick sound for a digital synthesizer, and with a few controls you can get quite a bit of throaty sawtooth type variety.

I also was experimenting giving each voice its own arpeggiator. Hopefully this time round it's a little easier to work with; I was suffering from arp-feature-bloat before. Don Dailey came up with a great idea for offsetting the arps from one another, which can create some really nice rhythmic patterns.

The most recent updates are relatively considerable, so if you liked these before you might want to check them again. There are new presets for these, again courtesy of Don Dailey.

electric bruce
This trautonium-esque synthesizer is a bread-and-butter machine for pads, leads, and arps. It sounds subjectively "warm" and it's very simple to operate, so you don't end up drowning in knobs and buttons. It's sorta retro too. The FX unit is now freestanding and antique sounding.

electric mia
This synth combines two trautonium-esque oscs with FM operators and two arpeggiators. The latest update has a mod matrix, and the two arpeggiators can be offset from one another (thanks to Don Dailey for this suggestion). Probably the best of the set.

electric william
This is a ringmod based synthesizer with two simultaneous arpeggiators that can run at different tempi. It's also useable as an FX unit with audio in, such that it ringmodulates incoming audio against the complex arpeggiators. The ringmodulator saturates the signal at high input levels, which gives it (to my ears) a classic 1960's experimental electronic sound. For more variety in audio, I also borrowed the wavetables from nanowave, which makes for lots of new audio possibilities.

Some music:
More music:


Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Electronic. Thanks.
Jeremy Eusebio
8 years ago
Wow, good inspirational stuff...thank you.
Simon Jarvis
8 years ago
interesting sounds coming from this ensemble
Kenneth Balys
9 years ago
Electric Bruce is a sweet sounding ensemble. Thanks for sharing.
Aaron Dunn
10 years ago
My favorite Reaktor synths so far. Just the sounds that I am so fervently seeking. Gracias, Arigato, Thank you, Namaste
donovan monroe
11 years ago
Elec. W. is beautiful... and inspiring. Great work!
Chad Clark
12 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing!!
Andrew Capon
12 years ago
jean michel perrier
12 years ago
electric mia is just perfect! beautifull sounds...
Jesse Allen
12 years ago
This stuff is great, lot's of fun to mess with. Thanks for sharing your work!
Ingo Sprenger
12 years ago
thanks for this, johann
John Kammeyer-Mueller
12 years ago
Cheers Chris! Glad you're liking them.
Chris R Gibson
12 years ago
I am a big fan of this series, glad to see them join the UL proper whatever the reason ;-) I have found that 'modest' automation to your well chosen controls produce some pretty exciting animations, akin to my favorite 'modular' moments of yore. Anyway, welcome to the library mia, bruce, and 'electric bil' (...electric bill, get it? ;-))