Multi Envelope V1.0

Multi Stage Envelope.

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
June 15, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


This Envelope Generator is extendable to any number of stages by simply adding (or removing)"Stage" macros. The "Stage" macros are added by connecting them into the existing chain of "Stages" within the Envelope structure. The Front panel will have to be re-aligned but no other modifications are necassary.

The "Control" macro can automatically handle any number of "Stages" without modification.

The Envelope has three modes of operation, Normal retriggerable mode, One Shot retriggerable mode, and One Shot mode (no retrigger).

Each "Stage" has selectable wave shapes, Linear, Exponential and Inverse Exponential,Sine and Square.

The Envelope generator only has an "Event" output. It does not produce an "Audio" output. To produce Events independently of the system "Control Rate" it has a separate internal "Control Rate Generator" which can be set for lower CPU and lower output resolution or higher CPU and better operation when using fast envelopes.

It was built in Reaktor 4 using primative event modules, so it can be used in Reaktor 4 or 5.

The only limitation is you must not set more than one "stage" to sustain mode, this is not something you would normally want to do anyway I guess, but if you do the envelope will not operate correctly.

I have included a simple tone generator in the ensemble to allow the Envelope Generator to be tested.


Peter Whiting
13 years ago
Thanks Charles
Charles Capsis IV
13 years ago
Peter Whiting
13 years ago
Hi Steve, Yes your thread reminded me that I started work on this envelope generator some time ago, but for some reason I lost interest in it. Your idea and description of how a multi envelope should work sparked my interest again.
Steve Blevin
13 years ago
I requested something like this here and you posted against it - I haven't tried it yet (but am grafting it in soon) it looks like what I have been dreaming of - thanks well in advance!!!!!!!11!1 I can already see it has WAY too many uses already : )
14 years ago
Thank you for Multi Envelope.
Peter Whiting
14 years ago
Thankyou for the "10", first voter.
Peter Whiting
14 years ago
I like R4 the best.
The Soundpilot
14 years ago
Thanks, some of us still use R4.