Event Monitor BETA

Wireless MultiChannel Debug System

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James W
1.3 (Updated 12 years ago)
July 16, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


The main problem with my current debug tools is (a) they first need to be wired up, (b) when using them at deep levels, you typically need to set lots of parent macros to "visible", and then (c) move them to a reasonable position on the panel (as they often appear off the screen, or under other objects... etc).

This new wireless system should avoid such workflow problems.

Put the "- Event Monitor -" folder (containing the send macros) in your macro folder. Put the "- Event Monitor -.ins" in your instrument folder.

The system is relatively untested, hence releasing it as a beta.

I have to give credit here to Chris List as obviously the list concept is based on the Event Watcher.

Also, while I thought I had come up with 2 clever ideas with the colour coding and scroll bar, after a quick search in user lib I realise this has already been done as Event Watcher mods. So I hope no one takes offence to the similarity of my design to the already good stuff in the user lib :)


9 years ago
This has rapidly become an essential tool for debugging. Outstanding.
Jo Oheim
12 years ago
Very helpful (once you figure out there is no 'Event Monitor folder' and you have to save the macros manually from the ensemble)! Just what I needed - plus it finally shows stuff that the original EW seemed to ignore. Thanks!
Donald Grimble
12 years ago
Great upload, this is going to be of great help in finishing my recorder box. BTW, how did you get the send macros to communicate to the Event monitor. I couldn't seem to find any receive modules.
Peter Dines
12 years ago
This will be handy. Thanks!
12 years ago
Danke James
daniel battaglia
12 years ago
pierre-andre soulier
12 years ago
oh cool the return of the master thanks james
12 years ago
thanks james! cool idea