Prosperity Drum

My RedDrum Modification

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2.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
August 08, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


I wanted a simple drum machine I could plug into Ableton, sequenced by Ableton midi clips. I dont know how to build yet, so I'm just working on modifying other users instruments.

The idea is that I can use this in my live set, scroll through different drum hits, yet leaving the 808 as one sound and manipulate the pitch.

I like the RedDrum because my trigger blocks in ableton are stacked one Channel on top of the Next. EASY to work with.

My problem is I want at least an octave of range for the 808 that is controlled from E1 to E2 by the Ableton Sequence clip.I want to program a sequenced bass line that dosent overtone when the next 808 note hits.

Any help would be Fabulous.


Christopher Soulos
13 years ago
You can DL this for any DAW. I'm using it on Cubase4. Cheers
John Durbin
14 years ago
Sorry everyone who already downloaded the wrong file. This one should be correct. Thanks Phil.
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
an answer to your question. i would build a separate sampler, a very simple one that only has the 808 sample
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
have you uploaded the correct version of your ensemble? the one i downloaded had the original Redrum graphic not the one in this picture.