Glitchy Kind Of Sampler Macro

samplermacro with speed, retrigger and simple reverse function

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
August 13, 2007
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no new features in this minor update, just embedded it in a little demo ensemble, to show, what's possible with simple sequencing of the start and stop positions.
this macro is just the very beginning of a new beat-mangler tool i'm working on. it's based on a aimple audiotable. by click and drag on the sampler-display and moving with the mouse, you can select a specific part in the sample to be played - wether repetitive (if clicked on) or only triggerd by a single gate event.
by moving the mouse left/right can change the start position of the selected part, by moving up/down it's the same for the end-position of the selcted part. if the start position is before the end-position, the selected part will be played backwards. further you have a speed control.
this macro may not be useful as standalone instrument - this is why i didn't upload it as one - but maybe for some people it's useful for creating a new instrument based on this sampling macro!?
be so kind and drop a line, if you like it or find it useful or if you have suggestions on developing that macro.


Joey Valizan
6 years ago
You'll need a grain envelope. It's essentially a tiny envelope for every grain and smooths off all the clicks. Let me know if you need any help!
Joey Valizan
6 years ago
Joachim, I'm not sure if you thought about this already but If you feed a ramp osc into the wx of the audio table (freq = 1, amp = 44100), make W = 1, give it some audio input and replace the loaded wave with a buffer of 44100, you have a realtime glitcher. That could easily be adapted to work in core. Awesome work!
Rick Scott
14 years ago
great idea, full of possibilities. :-)
Joachim Schneider
14 years ago
many thanks, guys! i'm currently trying to make that thing resynth-sampler-like, with independant speed and pitch functionality, but i still have rather experience in interpolation algorithms for granular samplers (otherwise it's starting to click and crackle at low speed/pitch)? maybe someone has a good hint for me?
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
nice idea!
14 years ago
Thanks. I think I can use it in my (PA(IR-project.
Der Einmeier
14 years ago
Awesome! Recently i was using my new Kenton Killamix-Controller for a live-act and this macro seems like to become part of my toys for future performances because it's readymade for the x/y-joystick on my controller :-)