v3 of bass/lead/drum line creator - now with variable decay

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Rick Scott
3.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
August 14, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


spawn of bassLiner, monoLiner enables you to create monophonic line loops: bass, lead, drum, usw.

1. load in your sample (map).
2. select a snap template.
3. randomize and record.

new in v3:

- decay knobs (thanks phil)
- new snaps (35-45) using these knobs



Massimiliano Bucci
6 years ago
Good solutions for a low soft music.
Dylan Gadwa
11 years ago Sorry Rick! =]
Dylan Gadwa
11 years ago
Still loving this ensemble. Hoping to see the randomization features evolve ...and possibly some more scales added. I was modding it up when I experienced an unfortunate crash. Haven't gotten back on the horse with that yet. Anyways, another GREAT creaton, Don!
shawn gilbert
12 years ago
as always 10! You're the MAN!
Rick Scott
12 years ago
added decay knobs. sounds fabulous! thanks phil.
Rick Scott
12 years ago
thanks, phil. :-) your requests shall all be realized in v3. anyone else have improvements to suggest? i'm trying to make this useful for zee community.
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
ok, i just noticed a portamento, could there be a knob for the amount of shift? then there be quick shifts of a 5th (or even more)
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
v2 is much better..there are some very nice snaps starting with the bass snaps at snap 39. btw rick, what about having a randomisation for the Decay? put the sustain on 0 and change the decay from 30 to 80. you then get a mixture of "stopped" bass notes and a more full sound. if that was randomised, it would be great. and maybe occasional LFO modulations of the pitchBase to get those little slides that bass players do. anyway i like this :-)
larry kiggundu
12 years ago
ned Bouhalassa
12 years ago
The reBirth of Blue - so cool, man! Thanks, miel.
12 years ago