Live Visual Beat and Loop Masher

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1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
September 14, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Before I start, I would just like to say a big thank you to both Tim Exile and C.List - without them this would never have existed (also sorry to C.List - I may have borrowed heavily from the BeatLookup v1)

Anyway, this is my first attempt at a Reaktor ensemble, so pointers would be appreciated... Basically it is an effect that records an 8 beat section of audio (according to the bpm) and lets you jump to any point in the sample by clicking the image with your mouse. The height at which you click determines the length of the looped section - thus allowing for crazy rush-type effects in realtime. Also reverses sound.

Hope you like it, comments/suggestions appreciated =D



Gavin Hislop
10 years ago
if i try and use two jumpers at the same time... i cant seem to make them work independantly.. do you know why?
chris curtin
10 years ago
agreed. if the grid could have midi learn function..then wow. great stuff either way though
Lars Kwiatkowski
12 years ago
Very nice Tool! What about triggering the Grid via Midi-Notes, not with a mouse, that would be great? cheers
Patrick Nasralla
12 years ago
Hey seb! Thanks for the compliment! To answer your question, the jumper is NOT a sampler per se. It will record any input on the fly and allow you to jump around as it is playing. So, basically, just put reaktor somewhere in the chain between your audio source and the output , make sure record is on and enjoy! If you get a particular section that you want to keep - simply switch off record and it will loop that section. If you then hit mix, it will play both the "saved" loop and the incoming audio simultaneously. This works best with something like Ableton Live where the audio is quantised to tempo. Hope this helps! GomiNoSensei
seb creed-waring
12 years ago
heya, this is really cool...but, how do i load my own loops?
Patrick Nasralla
12 years ago
Hey, sorry for the delay in my reply - I've been away from a working computer for a while! To change the recording length - do you mean change the number of beats that the looper records each pass? If so then simply change the "Beats Per Loop" value to the required amount. I have noticed, however, that the longer you make the loop - the more clicky artifacts appear but I have no idea why? Suggestions, as alway much appreciated :) Oh and thanks for the message :) Patrick.
Herman Kolgen
12 years ago
thank's for your upload just a question Patrick, how I can double the lenght of the recording herman