Carbon 2 reMix v2

Carbon 2 remix

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Rick Scott
1.2 (Updated 14 years ago)
November 01, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


a nastier, more extreme, randomizable remix of zee lovely carbon2 ensemble.

this version (v2) has snap randomization, synth randomization, and timbre controls (with randomization).

did i mention it was randomizable?

tends to generate noise-rich, unstable, 'experimental' sounds.

here's a fun working method: on your midi keyboard, press the low D key (midi 38) to randomize to a snap, then press the low C key (midi 36) over und over to randomize the snap settings until you hit a good sound.

enjoy. :-)


Christopher Dorman
6 days ago
This does not sound anything like Carbon 2. Where are the Carbon 2 presets?
Damon Krause
1 year ago
Michael - you have to remove the randomizer inside the ensemble.
Michael Liebner
1 year ago
13 years later... What if you use "low" C and D in your music - it just changes the snapshot and ruins the recording and you lose your changes. How do you turn that off so it does not change when you hit c or d? Asking for a friend ;)
Lorrain vdg
4 years ago
Hi Rick! Thanks for sharing all these works!! Would it be possible to make you a special/particular request about carbon? If so, is there a way to pm contact you? my mail is cheers
Rudolf Reinhardt
8 years ago
Doc Random loves the trial and error randomization
Jeremy Eusebio
11 years ago
happy accidents are random this remix, thx
11 years ago
Being a noise junky, I love random sound generation and this is such a good way of opening up carbon to some quick experimentationb
yann van uffelen
12 years ago
hi can u explain me how i can turn off the function of using those 2 keys cause i use a stepsequencer with this but it also triggers those 2 keys thnx in advance my mail is
kalle christensen
13 years ago
ohh Great :D more twisted sounds coming out of carbon 2 :) thx great remix ;)
Michael Salm
13 years ago
I like it very much. It's a real creative thing. Thanks a lot.
Prismtone Studios
13 years ago
Supercool... Thanks!
Christopher Soulos
14 years ago
AWESOME, really cool!
Kimmo Kivelä
14 years ago
WOW. Happy I didnt have my active speakers turned on, tried with headphones and my ears started itching. Its dynamic. And theres randomizer - no, theres TWO randomizers, one for snapshots. Very good atmo/experimental, but I found randomizer working very well to make some "standard sounds". I give 10.
Rick Scott
14 years ago
so sorry! the timbre controls all have built in damping; turn them up and the overall signal amplitude goes down; turn them down and the signal amp goes up. also, there's a highpass filter at the end of the chain that cuts frequencies under 40 hz. given these two features i wouldn't have thought that boosting bass by 15 dB could damage a speaker.
Dieter Zobel
14 years ago
the bass boost would have killed almost my loudspeakers
Rick Scott
14 years ago
try setting the raNd aMt to .06 (or lower) to randomize to variants that retain more of the flavor of the originals than variants generated by the .15 setting i used for the upload.
Rick Scott
14 years ago
try setting the raNd aMt to