Doepfer Phase Locked Loop

A Phase Locked Loop macro based off of Doepfer's A-196 Module

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November 06, 2007
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Based off the Doepfer A-196 Phase Locked Loop Module. Esentially the phase locked loop takes an incoming signal, and uses a comparator to comare it with an internal pulse oscillator, runs the output signal through a lowpass filter to smooth the values, and the outut of that serves as the frequency control of the internal pulse oscillator. Some very unique sounds can be achieved with this module.

Three different methods of comarators are used. PC1 uses a tradional XOR gate as a comparator. PC2 uses
an RS Flip Flop method. And PC3 uses a sort of digitally programmed method. Each have unique results.

The offset and range section are added to further emulate the doepfer module this is based off of. The Following Chart shows the incoming frequency the PLL will accept at various settings.

Range Offset=0 Offset=10
Low 2Hz-50Hz 2Hz-1kHz
Mid 20Hz-500Hz 20Hz-10kHz
High 200Hz-5kHz 100Hz-100kHz

I could explain more how the PLL works...but it's probably just best to plug some sound into the PC1 input, and listen to the results from the output. Cheers!

-Jenkins Jenkins


Nick Petty
9 years ago
I adore this one, thanks so much!
charles ross
10 years ago
I like the different Phase Angles of recumbent filters, notice how he used the orthogonal band pass to simulate the re-enter phase shift.
Jonathan Style
11 years ago
My only complaint is that I needed seven months ago, when I was stumped on how to do it. Thanks so much for this! Will be put to use soon.